What are the first signs of pregnancy?

What are the first signs of pregnancy?

Pregnancy can either be exciting or terrifying depending on the fact that you were expecting it to happen or weren’t. Unwanted pregnancy can be really troubling, especially if you don’t plan to have the baby eventually or you are forced into a situation otherwise. The first signs of pregnancy are crucial for every woman to figure out how they plan to take their pregnancy period ahead. Here, we will discuss the earliest signs from when you can take the necessary steps to maintain your lifestyle.

The first signs of pregnancy

Check out very early symptoms of pregnancy that assures you to get a test done immediately:

1. Late period

An irregular period is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy in the first month. You cannot ignore this one among the first signs of pregnancy.

Getting your periods late might be common for some women. But if you suspect yourself to conceive or you’ve always got your periods on time, you might have to worry.

Periods can sometimes be early or late, but you need to know how late is okay enough to not worry. If you’re a maximum of five days late for your periods, you must immediately get a test done.

It is best to first buy a pregnancy kit from the pharmacist and then consult a doctor. You should get yourself checked even if the results are negative. Sometimes the kit doesn’t work or you might be diagnosed with any other gynae issue.

2. Changes in breasts

You might already know that pregnancy leaves changes in your breast. This is one of the early signs of pregnancy first 2 weeks that show up as swelling, pain, sensitivity, heaviness, and darkening.

Pregnancy makes our hormone levels vary greatly and that leads to changes in our body. Breast pain is a common discomfort that troubles women during the early stages. Once your hormone settles down, the problem resolves and the pain subsides.

3. Disrupted bathroom schedule

Expecting mothers have a change in their urinating schedule from six weeks into pregnancy. The frequency level of urination increases greatly. If you’re sure of your pregnancy, you will face this problem. However, if you have a urinating problem otherwise it could be conditions like diabetes or vaginal infection. You need to check with a doctor and find out why this is happening.

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4. Cramps

When you conceive, the fertilized egg gets attached to a wall of the uterus. This leads to abdominal cramps that are similar to period cramps.

Women who don’t expect pregnancy or aren’t sure of the results might confuse pregnancy cramps with period cramps. If you have been feeling abdominal pain for a while now but haven’t got your periods, you must take a pregnancy test.

Cramps during pregnancy are mild and lessen with time. But you must tell your doctor if you have severe pain along with bleeding. Such symptoms are causes of worry and can indicate a miscarriage.

5. Nausea

One of the first signs of pregnancy is nausea or morning sickness. Many women find this to be reasons enough to assure their pregnancy. Nausea during early pregnancy can increase circulating hormones and is usually common during mornings. However, it can happen at any time of the day and isn’t restricted to mornings.

6. Tiredness

Work and social pressure might rob you off pillow time. But if your body wants more hours of sleep than usual, it might mean something else.

If you feel unnecessary fatigue during the day, it can be a sign of pregnancy. Many women feel draining tiredness all through the day and cannot focus on work.

During the early stages, the level of progesterone in your body causes unusual fatigue. Similarly, it also changes blood pressure, sugar, and make you feel more lethargic.

If you are low on energy and you don’t know the reason why it can be pregnancy. You must fit more rest into your schedule and also consult a doctor to know the exact reason.

7. Craving for food

Pregnant women tend to have weird food cravings and it is one of the first signs of pregnancy. Although most of us believe that expecting women want to eat sour food, they can literally crave for anything.

Due to the change in hormone level right after conception, women feel desperate for certain types of taste. Food aversions can be so extreme that the thought or smell of the craving food can make a woman nauseous.

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Many women might have this craving during their last trimester and not the first. People around must try and make such food available for the expecting mother to have, as long as it is healthy. Your doctor will also give you a diet chart that an expecting mother needs to follow to have a safe and healthy pregnancy.

8. Light bleeding and spotting

If you have light bleeding or spotting within 6-12 days of conception, you must consult a doctor. This usually brings in abdominal cramps that you have during menstruation. If you have heavy bleeding and severe cramp, you need to visit a gynecologist immediately.

Early pregnancy discharge is also one of the first signs. This happens due to the increased development of the vaginal lining. The discharge might continue all through the pregnancy and is nothing to worry about.

You must consult a doctor if it doesn’t smell good or if you have an itchy sensation. It might indicate a bacterial infection that needs immediate care.

9. Emotional turmoil

Pregnancy makes women very emotional and it’s again because of the hormonal change. During the first trimester, your body goes through a lot of changes and you need time to settle down. If you stay active, eat healthily, and be around people who keep you happy, you will be able to cope up with this situation.

10. Missed birth control

The first sign that makes you doubtful about pregnancy is forgetting to take birth control. If you have missed periods, it might mean you’re pregnant. You need to take medical assistance as soon as you realize and find out how you want to go about the pregnancy process.

It is crucial to be careful about sexual encounters and how they affect your body. You must always use protection when not trying to conceive. Moreover, you must have a birth control pill if you have sex during the window of conception.

Final thoughts

The first trimester is extremely crucial for both the mother and the child. Maximum miscarriages happen during this time. It is necessary that you find out your pregnancy results as soon as you can so that you can make necessary lifestyle changes. You need to know your restrictions and allowances to ensure a healthy pregnancy and a healthier baby.

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