Free Movie Apps for Android Mobiles to Download in 2020

Free Movie Apps for Android Mobiles to Download in 2020

Nowadays, searching for the top free movie apps for Android has become common as people like to rather stay indoors and watch movies for free, than take the risk of stepping out and paying money for leisure. 2020 has changed our lifestyles, so it is time we too make peace with the situation and find ways to make it bearable.

Watching movies with our loved ones is something we all look forward to. Especially during the pandemic, movies and tv shows have become the only entertainment source for the masses.

Movies play an important role in our lives while being the best source of leisure. People watch different types of movies to amuse themselves, and others watch them comprehend something from them.

Watching movies with no distraction can be one of the best gifts to give yourself. You might get emotional at one moment and laugh your heart out the other minute.

When people were not allowed to step out of their homes to watch movies in the theaters during the lockdown, they opted for online applications to view movies using free movie apps for Android.

You enjoy watching them comfortably in your home while also minimizing the risk of getting affected by the virus.

Know Why Free Movie Apps For Android Are In Demand

Free movie apps are now in huge demand. And it has reached several millions of people downloading different free apps so that they can conveniently enjoy their favorite movies.

Free movie apps enable millions of smartphone users to download their favorite movies in just a single touch. These free apps also save their money and time.

According to sources, a survey has found that the number of free movies downloading apps in android smartphones has greatly increased.

Movies have become a source of entertainment for millions of people worldwide, and having a chance to watch for free is something no one wants to miss.

Getting free access to download thousands of movies without any paid subscriptions is what we all look for. Hence, the demand for these free movie downloading apps is increasing rapidly.

Perks Of Downloading Free Movie Apps For Android

If you’re someone who loves to spend their time watching different movies in their free time, then free movie apps for Android is something you will fall for.

Just by a single click, you can watch any film genre that you crave, whether it is romantic, action, or thriller; you have it all.

When you install free movie apps on your smartphones, you can watch even the latest releases and your most favorite movies as many times as you wish.

It saves you money and saves a lot of time, which you can later use in doing something more productive.

Driving to the cinema halls can be inconvenient and risky as per the current Covid19 conditions. Also, the government has not yet declared to allow the cinema halls to reopen in all places.

Apparently, the only best thing one can do to enjoy their favorite movies is download a reliable free movie downloading app. Free movie apps eliminate the time you waste while standing in the queue, waiting for your turn to come. Since they are on your smartphones, you can enjoy them anywhere, anytime, and with your special ones too.

Trending Free Movie Apps for Android Phone

Here are the best apps to download on your Android devices to watch your favorite movies online:

Cyberflicks TV

Cyberflicks TV is the first one on the list of best free movie apps for Android. It offers you a wide range of movies and tv shows on your android smartphones and tablets at zero cost.

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The app consists of a large collection of tv shows and the latest movies that get broadcast worldwide. It supports multiple languages along with subtitles. It is a free app with an additional perk that does not contain ads, unlike other streaming apps.

Cyberflicks TV ensures to be improved and updated regularly with all the latest releases and new shows for its users, and therefore it has been listed on top.

free movie app for Android
Image Credit: 1redDrop


Crackle is another app that offers movies and tv series. It is another free movie app for android, which gives you slightly outdated content.

The app hosts several old movies and has a good collection of tv shows. It allows you to search through genres to simplify things according to your needs.

The movies and shows can be directly played on the crackle website, and you can enjoy watching them with or without subtitles in languages like English and Spanish.

Google Chromecast also supports this app for a better experience. All the reasons above make it a good fit for anyone searching for a free movie downloading the app.

Image Credit: Lifewire

Bee TV

Bee TV is another fantastic free movie apps for Android that can be downloaded for free without paying a single penny from your pocket.

It offers you a vast collection of movies and tv shows and allows you to watch them without any outside obstructions. The app is easy-to-use that helps users to use it without any difficulties. It provides you a high-quality video that can be adjusted according to your needs from SD to full HD.

The app has a special addition that is a category for anime, making it more exciting for those who love anime. It is almost like an unpaid and unlocked version of Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Videos and movies can be played whenever and wherever you want with or without subtitles. Therefore, all these reasons make it to be everyone’s favorite app for a free movie experience.


This is yet another great application that provides a large variety of movies, tv-series, and shows. Freeflix HQ has an easy-to-use and interactive design, which makes it worth installing.

It has a sliding menu, which makes it easy to use with more than 50 subtitles. One can easily explore its content. The menu itself is simple, including movies, anime, tv shows, WWE, and much more.

The app has a parental control application that allows you to prevent playing R rated movies. The most important feature that stands out is the content here is absolutely free.

free movie app for Android
Image Credit: YouTube

Unlock My Tv

This is the third and the newest free movie apps for Android in free movie apps. Though it is a new app, it still managed to attain immense popularity in the market quickly.

The free to use app offers you a wide range of movies and makes sure you never run out of stock. If you are a binge-watcher, then Unlock My TV is a perfect choice for you. Because it will update you with all the latest releases while you can enjoy the best video quality simultaneously. It has more special features like no buffering, numerous subtitles, HD quality, etc. Additional to all this, it saves the entire history you’ve watched so far. Therefore the app managed to make its place in the market and is acclaimed by thousands of users.

Unlock My Tv
Image Credit: Medium

Onebox HD

Onebox HD is one of the free movie apps for Android, easily downloaded on your android smartphones and tablets. If you enjoy watching tv shows and movies with your friends and family, this app would be a perfect pick. There are thousands of users of Onebox HD worldwide, and that’s what makes it a popular app.

Though downloading this app is different from others because it is not available on the play store. Therefore, you’ve to download the Latest Onebox app from other sources like chrome and different browsers. The Onebox HD app allows you to watch the latest releases within the comfort of your home while saving your time and money.

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Onebox HD
Image Credit: Malavida

Cat Mouse

Yet another best free movie app is Cat Mouse. It offers a wide variety of content ready to be used for hours and hours. This app offers the best quality movies and shows with all the new releases and a vast content library from different parts of the world. Cat Mouse is considered to be an alternative to terrarium TV. Also, it deals with amazing audio, video quality. It supports multiple languages with subtitles. The app also consists of an additional feature to filter the genre of movies you want to watch. Hence, Cat Mouse is one of the best apps we have on our list today.

Cat Mouse
Image Credit: APK Android Download


Popcornflix is yet another free movie download app for Android mobile streaming over 700 movies. The vast collection includes movies and shows from all over the world. Popcornflix offers everything that a general tv lover would love to watch.

The app offers smooth navigation and high quality streaming links. It offers a wide collection of Hollywood movies and movies from all over the world in HD quality.

The app offers you a description of every movie along with its rating card. It has the feature of selecting the genre of the content according to your mood. The menu is simple to navigate around, which changes almost every week and maintains a balance between old and new, providing something to enjoy for everyone. You should definitely try it if you haven’t used it.

Image Credit: The Sociable

Tubi TV

If you want the best and wish to download free movie apps, then Tubi tv would be a great option for you. It is one of the most used apps available on google play store and apple store. This app offers you plenty of movies and tv shows, and a lot more. They ensure to have over 20,000 movies and television shows with the best streaming technology. The app offers smooth navigation and ensures top quality content. You can enjoy watching shows from different genres, like comedy, horror, romance, and so on. It allows you to put filters as per your requirements. Hence it is one of the most loved free movie apps by its users all across the world.

APK or Android Application Package file is a file’s configuration employed to dispense and launch app software plus middleware to Google’s Android operating system. These types of applications can be easily installed non-automatically with specific indications. And with an Android APK, you can easily access anything, whether it is an app, gaming APK, or any other APKs for different purposes. It can also be used to watch and download free movies. You need to download the given APKs from the internet and then safely install them step by step and have a good time enjoying watching your favorite movies.

Tubi TV
Image Credit: Film Daily


It was never easy to find a source of entertainment from where you can effortlessly download thousands of your most favorite movies on your Android smartphone.

Most of the renowned apps like Netflix & Amazon Prime usually ask for a monthly subscription, which not everyone can afford. Thus, it was necessary to meet the needs of those who couldn’t afford to have a monthly subscription to all these costly apps. Therefore, various app developers and software experts made various free movie app for Android phone and other applications for the ease of those people so that they could easily get the best results and free movies in seconds.

Consequently, providing millions of users with free access to download and enjoy movies became a great choice, and it also helped many businesses to grow as well.

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