Michael Jan Friedman

As the author or co-author of 31 Star Trek books, more than 100 Star Trek comics, and the Voyager episode “Resistance,” Michael Jan Friedman has written more Star Trek material than anyone in the known galaxy. His 32nd Star Trek book, Star Fleet: Year One, will hit the shelves around March, 2002.Friedman is currently working on the launch of a brand-new, freestanding series chronicling the adventures of Jean-Luc Picard and the first ship on which he served as captain: the Stargazer. Having already written a handful of books that flesh out the Stargazer crew, Friedman is ready to hit the ground running. And since most members of the Stargazer contingent come from Friedman’s own tortured brain, their stories can go anywhere, unrestricted by the need to put them back in the Paramount sandbox.

“I remember watching that first Star Trek episode back in 1966 and thinking, ‘This is cool. This is SO cool.’ Now that my kids are about as old as I was back then, I still watch Star Trek and think it from time to time: ‘This is SO cool.’

“It’s also very cool to be part of the Star Trek community. I feel privileged to have gotten to know so many bright, compassionate and often unusal people through conventions and correspondence. These are people who know that optimism is a wonderful thing, but that the future envisioned by Gene Roddenberry won’t happen by itself. It’ll only come about by dint of vision, dedication and a willingness to help others — qualities, I’m happy to say, that abound in Star Trek fandom.”

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