A comprehensive furniture Buying Guide for Pet Parents

A comprehensive furniture Buying Guide for Pet Parents

Are you a pet parent looking to buy a new set of furniture? If nodded your head, then luckily you have landed on the right page. 

Shopping for furniture keeping pets in mind can be an intimidating task. But it is always wise to consider your pets when looking for home furniture. Living with pets is an enriching experience but when it comes to furniture and your furry fellows’ mischief it can be dreary at times.  

Fortunately, we are familiar with the situation and are help to help you find the pet-friendly furniture. 

Here we go…

TIP1: Play Proof Furniture

Dogs and cats keep on jumping and running around here and there. They enjoy having a rough playtime and you do not expect them to get hurt by any means. Therefore, it is better to opt for furniture with round edges and corners. A study table, coffee table, and a TV unit with a round shape could be an ideal choice for this. 

TIP2: Pet-Friendly Sofa

Shedding of your pet’s hair can turn out to be an annoying situation. Pet hair has a tendency to cling to fabric, thereby creating a hard enough situation for you to clean sofas. So everyday vacuuming isn’t a thing you favor, resort to leather sofas. Leather is easy to maintain, odor-resistant, and more importantly is repellent to pet fur. 

TIP3: Stick to patterns 

If you use fabric couches, sofas, and chairs then make sure to pick patterned designs. This is because even if there is fur sticking on them the patterns of fabric will hide them and make them unnoticeable. But do remember to clean your furniture pieces at least once a week. Another viable option would be to consider changeable covers. 

TIP 4: Protecting Floors

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To ensure protection to your hardwood flooring from pet scratches lay a rug or carpet on the floor. However, it would be wise to invest in durable fabrics like jute or rugs with a low pile. High pile carpets can be easily ripped by pet claws therefore it is better to avoid them. Apart from making your floor scratch-resistant, carpets and rugs provide a sense of coziness to your pets.

TIP 5: For Bedroom 

If your furry fellows often find your bedroom as their “me” space, then make you get removable bed linens that are easily washable. Since your pets will be hanging around your bed most of the time you bed linens should be durable enough to handle pet-related accidents. Moreover, if you have installed a TV in your bedroom, make sure your TV unit’s height is chosen such that it is away from your pet’s reach.

So, when going out for shopping home furnishings try to select things that are as pet-friendly as possible. Also, remember that choice of your furniture material should be dependent on scratch resistance and easy maintenance.  

Ready to decorate your home? Become a proud pet owner and follow these tips.

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