Klingon “Races” Theory

LCARS Computer Records
Researched and Compiled By Chief Records Officer
Lieutenant Commander Edgar Plummer

A new theory, yet unproven, has come up before Starfleet Intelligence’s Medical Division. This concearns the differences in appearance of the Klingons from 80 years hence and today.

It is our belief based upon current information that the “human” looking Klingons encountered in the past are Klingons, but in name only. They are a subserviant race to the true Imperial Klingons we see now days.

Not all planets that are in the Klingon Empire are conquered, some freely join the empire and thus become trusted allies and are allowed to carry the name Klingon, just as in the 20th Century on Earth, if Asians or Africans joined the United States, they were recognized as Americans, if only in title.

End Of File.

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