• USS Challenger

Under the command of Captain La Forge the Challenger pursued the Delta Flyer to stop itfrom altering the timeline 15 years in the future.
“Timeless” – VOY

  • USS Enterprise

Fifth starship to bear the name.
Star Trek: The Next Generation

  • USS Galaxy

The Galaxy was one of four other Galaxy-class ships that fought at the invasion of theChin’toka System in 2374. The Galaxy was severely damaged in the battle.
“Tears of the Prophets” – DS9

  • USS Magellan

Participated in the battle to retake station DS9 in 2374.
Named for explorer Ferdinand Magellan.
“Sacrifice of Angels” – DS9

  • USS Odyssey

Destroyed in a mission to rescue Commander Sisko from the Dominion. The Odyssey wasdestroyed by a small squadron of Jem’Hadar fighter “bugs”.
Named for the command module of the Apollo 13. It’s dedication quote was from 2001: ASpace Odyssey, “Its origin and a purpose, still a total mystery.”
“The Jem’Hadar” – DS9

  • USS Trinculo

Part of the Federation force to retake DS9 in 2374.
“Sacrifice of Angels” – DS9

  • USS Venture

Lead ship sent by Starfleet in 2372 to DS9 to deal with the Klingon invasion of Cardassianspace. Part of the force to retake DS9 and fought with the Galaxy in the invasion of theChin’toka System in 2374.
“The Way of the Warrior” – DS9, “Sacrifice of Angels” – DS9, “Tears of the Prophets” – DS9

  • USS Yamato

Destroyed in 2365 by an ancient Iconian computer virus that caused a failure in theantimatter containment system. All crew onboard were killed in the explosion.
Named for the Japanese World War II battleship.
“Where Silence has Leased” – TNG, “Contagion” – TNG

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