Played by: Andrew J. RobinsonElim Garak, the very resourceful and knowledgeable tailor and owner of a tailor shop on the Promenade of Deep Space Nine, is the only remaining Cardassian on the space station following the withdrawal of the occupational forces. He is former member of the Obsidian Order and protégé of Enabran Tain. The reasons for decision to stay and live in exile, after the withdrawal of his people from Bajor, are often shrouded in mystery and speculation. Although, after collecting clues here and there in the series, one becomes to know these reasons. He was apparently exiled from Cardassia after serving with the ruthless Obsidian Order, and being accused with a crime he did not commit.

Garak is completely enigmatic, and at times he can be utterly charming, erudite and articulate, and he posses a great intellect. Most lunch times he can be found enjoying a meal and lively conversation with Doctor Bashir, sharing their passion for the arts. In darker moments the Cardassian reveals a cold, calculating ruthlessness, which is totally self serving. His lies are woven into such a intricate webs that others are quite unable to distinguish exactly when he may be telling the truth.

Garak was revealed as the illegitimate son of Enabran Tain when he was captured with Worf in an attempt to rescue to the Cardassian masterspy from the Dominion. Also discovered that he suffers from an acute form of claustrophobia since a mission on Zankath when an underground chamber collapsed on him. He was almost killed when his store exploded in 2371, this was thought to be the work of the Tal Shiar in preparation for their offensive against the Dominion. Affected by a psychotropic drug while on Empok Nor, he was responsible for killing security officer Amaro and nearly killed Miles O’Brien and Nog. He evacuated DS9, following the Dominion takeover, on the USS Defiant at the end of 2372. He returned to the station after its liberation, and he has proven to be an excellent source of information for the allied forces especially in the field of decrypting Cardassian communications. Following the final assault on Cardassia Prime, during which he played a crucial role in support of the allied forces, Garak decided to stay back home and help re-build his world after it was nearly exterminated by the Dominion. If anyone can do it, Elim Garak will be behind him, pulling the strings.

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