Gomtuu aka Tin-Man

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Starfleet Command Approved

Chief Records Officer Edgar Lacy Plummer Reporting…

Captain’s Log, Stardate 43779.3: The Enterprise is prepairing detailed exospheric charts of the Hayashi system. Although tedious, this procedure is the first step towards planet colonization.

Data’s Report:
Our destination is the Beta Stromgren system. Following the path of the Vega IX Probe. Apparently the probe has discovered that the star Beta Stromgren is in the final stages of an alternating cycle of expansion and collapse, and will soon result in a supernova.

However, the long-range unmanned probe sent by Starfleet to observe the process has discovered something much more.

Starfleet Exobiologist Devision has classified it as Tin-Man. The Vega Probe found it orbiting Stromgren. It looks like some kind of ship with an unknown energy source, or at least undetectable energy source.

The people who studied the transmissions think its a starship, and their sure, its alive.

Starfleet believes its an organic creature. Born in space, living its life in the wastes between the stars. No one nows were it came from or why it is here?

Starfleet has failed to exstablish contact via technological mean, so they have sent Tam Elbrun, a Betazoid telepath, to attempt to contact it. It is believed that Tin-Man is too different, and that direct mind-to-mind contact is the only hope of reaching it.

An added complication, the Romulans claim that sector of space were Beta Stromgren is located, it is necessary to reach the creature before the Romulans. Starbase 123 has detected two D’deridex-class Romulan cruisers on an intercept course for Tin-Man.

Captain’s Log, Supplemental: Traveling at high-warp we are still several days from rendesvous with the mysterious entity which Starfleet has christined, Tin-Man. My immediate concearn is with Tam Elbrum, Starfleet consideres his unique abilities to be crucial to our mission, but he seems to me, unstable.

Tin-Man Note:
Tin-Man has the ability to telepathically communicate with other over interstellar distances of at least several sectors away, purhaps even at greater distances. It exhibited this ability with Tam Elbrun while enroute to the Beta Stromgren system.

Data’s Report Addendum:
The aliens anatomy is indeed layed out as a vessel with what appear to be chambers and corridores. An internal environment suitable for carbon-based life forms is being maintained yet, there is no evidence of a crew aboard.

Tin-Man is a living being which has been breed or has adapted itself to serve a purpose.

Tam Elbrun’s Alaysis Of Tin-Man:
It calls itself Gomtuu. Its old captain, its roamed the universe for many thousands of years. It came from far away, maybe beyond the galaxy?

Once there were millions of them. It hasn;t seen another of its kind for mellenia. Its alone, it maybe the last of its species?

Captain, Gomtuu knows that the star will go nova soon, that is why it is here, it wants to die. There was an explosion, in space. Radiation penetrating the outer layers, the crew died.

Tin-Man hurts and wants to die. I can’t do any more from out here. If you want me to realy reach Tin-Man, I have got to be in physical contact. I have got to go aboard.

Captain’s Log, Supplemental: A confrontation between the Romulan warbird and Tin-Man is enminent. I have no alternative but to rely on the telepathic abilities of Tam Elbrun.

Tam Elbrun’s Alaysis Of Tin-Man:
The ship and the crew existed symbiotically. They needed one another. When Gomtuu no longer had anyone left to care for it no longer had a reason to exist.

Captain’s Log, Supplemental: With all main systems at least temporarily restored we are proceding to Starbase 152 for inspection and additional repairs. We have had no further encounters with the Romulans, as for the where abouts of Tin-Man, and Tam Elbrun, we can only speculate.

Status: Closed.

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