Gorn Light Fighter

The Gorn, a large bipedal reptillian race, were first encountered by the Federation when the Gorns attacked the colony on Cestus III. The Gorn claimed that the colony had been an invasion of their territory. After years of small confrontations an understanding was created between the Gorn and the Federation.

The Gorn fighter seems to be used mainly in a defensive role. The craft is designed around the philosophy of absolute protection of Gorn territory. While a fighter, the craft also serves as a patrol ship.

The fighters main body is an elongated flattened sphere. The crafts propulsion is located at the rear of the main body. It is equipped with two weapons pods located on either side of the main body. While normally equipped with disruptors thay also seem to be able to carry other weapons systems. The cockpit is located at the middle of the body under the large viewports. The cockpit is equipped with three seats for pilot, gunner and astrogator. A large pod is located under the main body, just to the front of the craft.

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