Has Technology Gone Too Far When It Comes To Car Design?

Has Technology Gone Too Far When It Comes To Car Design?

Hopping in the car and driving to work is a common thing for many of us and with our trusted cars helping us to determine weather conditions and other factors about the road, they are designed to make our drive safer and more enjoyable. But is this going too far? In this article, we will be looking into whether or not in-car technology has gone too far in modern-day cars and begun to become more of a hindrance than a help.

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Removing The Need To Think

Though in-car technology is beneficial for a number of different reasons, there are a number of ways that it can hinder the driver. One of which is removing the need to think. Though many of us use automated driving systems, many of us have admitted to not being aware of our surroundings and veering into traffic without looking in our mirrors, this is problematic for many as it is reducing the number of safe drivers on the road.

Automated Parking Removes The Basic Skill

Parking is one of the basic skills that you learn when learning to drive, but with a number of cars on the market featuring automated parking, this is a skill that many people are forgetting. This, therefore, leads to drivers struggling to park in spots as they do not have the basic knowledge to complete such an easy task. Though there are a number of affordable Nissan used cars available both with and without assisted parking, this could still be an issue that continues to escalate in the near future.

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Removes The Element Of Spatial Awareness

In addition to this, relying too heavily on computers and other in-car technology can reduce the use of special awareness when driving. Though this is not the case for everyone, there is an increased risk of accidents in cars with vast amount of in-car technology as your mind is focused on what is occurring inside of the car rather than out of it. Whether this is through relying on lane-changing technology in modern cars or focusing heavily on the satellite navigation process, this can lead to special awareness becoming compromised and accidents taking place.

Automated Cars Increase Risk To Drivers

Though automated technology such as that found in Teslas is beneficial when it comes to making driving long distances safer. But could it actually be hindering your driving ability? When relying on automated driving technology, there is a lot of emphasis on the accuracy of the sensors surrounding your car with too much risk of something going wrong. Therefore, it is beneficial to not rely solely on this technology and be aware of the space surroundings when driving to prevent accidents when behind the wheel.

With this in mind, though it is beneficial, the use of in-car technology should it continue, could be seen as a hindrance to the basic principles of driving and could lead to an increase in accidents rather than a decrease. Do you see in-car technology as a benefit or a hindrance when driving your car?

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