5 Reasons To Use Hashtags to Promote Your Business on Twitter

5 Reasons To Use Hashtags to Promote Your Business on Twitter

Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter is a law unto itself. If you want to post 5 times a day, every day, no one on twitter is going to call you out for it, whereas on facebook this type of activity may get you swiftly unfollowed. As twitter is far more interactive than other social media platforms, how can you make yourself stand out and get your business or brand noticed? Well, the answer is simple, Hashtags.


Hashtags that you use will show other people that have used the same or similar hashtags your content. If you don’t use them, you are vastly limiting your audience. Hashtags are the greatest organic growth strategy you can have, and by using them you are getting your content in front of your audience for free, but you have to make sure they are relevant to your business, your brand, and your message. If you just adding them in for the sake of adding them in, you may find that your following will decrease as it may seem that you are desperately trying to stay relevant, this isn’t a good look in the Twittersphere.

They Can Help Promote Your Mission

If your organization is all about environmentalism or social aspirations, you can use hashtags to promote your overall mission. Look for hashtags that are trending in your field and use them in your tweets! This will get you talking to like-minded people and apply some tricks to build local businesses that also have similar missions, you may end up collaborating with others, you never know until you try! You can also start up conversations with your target audience who are also involved in these types of projects. It shows that not only are you real people in your organization, but you are also actively trying to promote a mission outside of your business for the betterment of a situation or society as a whole.

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They Are Free

Unlike targeted adds, hashtags are free to use, you don’t need to pay for this service, but you do need to understand how to use them. You don’t want to just throw in any random hashtags that are on the trending list just because. This will turn your audience off you as it will seem that you are just riding the bandwagon. Even though they are free they must be relevant to your business, brand and overall mission. Retweeting relevant information from others is also a good way of attracting attention, but make sure it relates to your brand image!

Understanding Your Target Market

You may not necessarily want to use hashtags in all of your posts, but what you can do is track and monitor how your target market is using them. In fact, they are so effective, that Twesocial uses this method as part of their overall strategy. It is worth noting that people use twitter as an online microblog, they use it to vent, celebrate and everything else in between. If something has happened that has directly affected your target market, twitter will show you how they are reacting. You can also see what they are saying about your product and brand, especially if you have just released a new product. The beautiful thing about this platform is that it is so easy to get involved with your customers and target market. Track their use of hashtags and start a conversation and show that you engaging with them. People buy from people they like!

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Improved click through rate.

Multiple studies have been conducted into the impact of the use of hashtags on twitter. The most recent studies have shown that click-through rates vastly increase when businesses and organizations use hashtags. This may be due to the increased visibility of your tweet or the fact that it demonstrates that you as a business are aware of how to use twitter. However, this doesn’t mean that you spend the rest of the week doing nothing but tweeting the URL to your website. This will come off as spammy and the Twittersphere won’t thank you. There is a very fine line between tweeting just the right amount and too much. You don’t want to spam people, but you also don’t want your tweets lost in the ether of twitter.

Twitter moves at a pace like no other social media platform. You have less and less time to impress your audience, so you want to be able to grab them at the first opportunity. Hashtags are a great way to reach out to your target market and organically grow as long as you are using ones that are relevant to you and your brand. It’s too easy to jump on the bandwagon of trending hashtags that don’t relate to your business, but if you refrain from doing this your audience will thank you. Follow our 5 reasons to use hashtags for your business and it’ll help you expand your reach, for free!

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