Here’s why you should learn ethical hacking

Here’s why you should learn ethical hacking

We’re going to talk about how ethical hacking is one of the most needed professions today and why it is important for you to learn ethical hacking. If you have any idea about cyber security, you will know that ethical hacking is part of the offensive security practices in this field which means that the job of ethical hackers is to perform cyber attacks on organizations in order to find security loopholes that could have led to unfortunate cyber incidents in the future. Also known as vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, ethical hacking has become one of the key security measures to tackle cybercrime in the present scenario. Needless to say, that the growing demand for cyber security professionals, especially ethical hackers, has led to an increase in the number of students who choose this field as their career. This article will highlight one of the main reasons why students should learn ethical hacking and what they would benefit from it.

There are a lot of monetary benefits starting from the salary. The salary of ethical hackers is one of the best in the overall pool of IT jobs. CEH professionals, and security officers get paid more handsomely than their counterparts. The growth in the salaries of such individuals is also exemplary as compared to their peers. Apart from packages, ethical hackers also get paid for finding vulnerabilities in software, also known as bug bounty. Coming to non-monetary benefits, ethical hackers report high levels of job satisfaction and work enjoyment. They tend to take their jobs very seriously as it is directly concerned with people’s safety. At the same time, they also tend to enjoy every bit of their work since it is exciting to conduct an attack on an organisation that poses a certain challenge to their skills. The work of these professionals allows them enough opportunities and room to think on their feet and use critical thinking skills to investigate their target and try to find new ways to breach their secured networks just like notorious black hat hackers do.

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The high demand for ethical hackers is another plus point for why you should learn it. There is a complete guarantee of you finding a decent entry level job once you complete your ethical hacking course and get certified by a reputed international body like EC-Council or GIAC. The unemployment rate in cyber security jobs is zero percent which means that job security is something you will not have to worry as long as you are in this field. Now talking about the technical aspect of ethical hacking, you can say that those who have a background in computer science or experience in the IT industry have nothing to be afraid of when they are learning ethical hacking course online, Moreover, the modules and teaching methods are such that if you have no experience in the above mentioned areas, you can still become a white hat hacker by learning it from scratch without having to worry that it will take years of training to do so.

Lastly, we will talk about the most attractive factor that students consider when choosing this career. In fact, if you notice closely, you will realise that most careers become attractive if they offer a certain level of future security to people. Looking at our world’s growth in the digital space, we can say that anything that is related to the digital world, whether it is building it or protecting it, will be considered as a promising career for generations to come. Ethical hacking is a job that is not going anywhere, and it is high-time that you consider it as your professional life partner.

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