High Protein Low Carb Foods to Keep a Check on Your Calories

High Protein Low Carb Foods to Keep a Check on Your Calories

Right from the Keto diet to the Paleo diet, each of these follows the high-protein route. This plan can manage weight issues. Most millennials of this age like to discard carbs. And, the choice is justified. A healthy regimen might not be easy to maintain. Often, we assume that a lot of blood, sweat & toil goes into it. A healthy posture isn’t just about feeling slim. It also means we’re able to keep sicknesses at bay. It means our organs work optimally. An ideal diet should have rich nutrients, low in sugar-content, not salt-loaded, or processed. High protein low carb foods are excellent for ones keen to build muscles.

There can be confusion about what foods to include and what to exclude. This blog could be the best guide for ones looking for optimum weight.

What amounts of protein do we need?

Eating protein-dense foods without an aim is not going to help you either. It can invite troubles for diabetic patients and ones ailing with kidney problems. Thus, it is essential to strike a healthy balance. A day’s protein consumption depends on your body-weight. At 20, one must consume one gram of protein every kilo of the body-weight. This is a thumb-rule you must follow. It would help if you calculated the total protein intake by multiplying one with your actual body-weight. Simple right? This is the most uncomplicated way to meet daily protein requirements. You must set body goals. This will vary based on whether you want to put on or shed weight.

Types of high protein low carb food

Our cells, organs, hormones, and muscles include protein. That’s the sole reason proteins are our body’s building blocks. Proteins remain essential to build the structure and improve the functionality of our body parts. Proteins are made from substances called amino acids. All 22 essential proteins cannot be synthesized inside our bodies. It’s for this reason that we need to consume protein-rich resources as well.

Foods like tofu, almond, chia seeds, and soy are plant-based protein. Then we may obtain proteins sourced from animals like seas-food, chicken, turkey, and so forth. Vegetarian proteins might not always meet the body’s daily protein requirement. It is always advisable to strike a balance between veg and non-veg protein resources.

Nonetheless, let us now discuss the best high protein low carb foods:


Most people like to break the fast with this food item. Eggs are nutritious and contain good-quality protein. A moderately sized egg has almost zero carbohydrates and around 12 grams of protein. There are versatile ways of presenting an egg platter. Do include eggs in your regular diet to procure high proteins and low-carbs.


Do you snack unhealthy? If yes, let us tell you that it is undesirable. We’ve come up with a great alternative. Walnuts are a delicious snacking variety. Every hundred gram serving of walnut comprises around fifteen grams of protein. This brain-shaped nut is snack-able and also low on carbs. Consider this as your evening-snacking option.


Gym-goers must consider this as a remedy. You cannot miss this option if you want to skip carbohydrates. Every hundred-gram serving of chickpeas will provide around twenty grams of proteins. Chickpea is fiber-loaded and makes you feel full for an entire day. Chickpea hummus can be an excellent sauce for pasta, pizza, and all things street-smart.


When we say high protein foods, this is the first thing that strikes our mind. Cooked lentil is protein-dense to the core. Every hundred-gram serving will contain around ten grams of proteins. Lentil stew, lentil curry, lentil salad are popular options to opt for. A rice-lentil platter is very popular amongst Indians.


The only thing to be kept in mind is that pistachios are a tad expensive. But then, they’re an excelled high protein low carb option. Its taste adds a distinct flavor to the dishes it is put to. An average hundred-gram serving of pistachios has around twenty grams of proteins. It has ten grams of fiber to top it all, which has tremendous benefits on the body.


It is a great low-fat, low-calorie option and has proteins in ample quantities. Yogurt is very amongst fitness freaks. Yogurt smoothie, buttermilk, and many other varieties are easy to procure. It has very little carbs. A hundred-gram serving gives around ten grams of proteins. This makes yogurt the most lovable snack of all time. Moreover, yogurt is delicious, sumptuous, and generous for the digestive system. It takes good care of your gut health too.


Tuna is an excellent source of lean protein. It has no carbs, and you can eat it all without any second thought. It gives a staggering 30 grams of proteins every hundred-gram serving.

These are some of the high protein low carb foods you may bank on! A fad-diet is a strict no-no in any case.

High-protein, low-carb foods vegan

Vegans discard anything sourced from animals. That is why they have limited choices. Only plant-based alternatives are available to them. Let’s now shed light on low-carb & high-protein vegan foods:

Greek yogurt

This can be added to smoothies, and you feel full for long hours. It could be served as spreads and dips. They go very well with nachos and French fries too. Greek yogurt has lots of calcium and strives to keep our gut healthy. It is devoid of carbs and sugar.


Chia seeds are nutrition-dense to the core. Chia-seed jams are selling like hot cake. Have you ever tried chia-pudding? If not, you must do it! Just spice it up with some cinnamon and maple syrup. You will surely want more of it every single day.


Quinoa has nine essential amino acids. It makes for a complete protein punch, unlike most other resources. Apart from proteins, quinoa has phosphorus, zinc, iron, folate & magnesium. Quinoa is great for ones who have gluten-sensitivity.

Peanut butter

This is a street-smart choice for today’s millennials. The winning combination of protein & fiber makes you feel full. One can try this butter on toasts and sandwiches. You can also blend it into smoothies. Moreover, peanut-butter in savory dishes is a total win-win situation!

Final thoughts

Proteins will help you manage weight when you include them in the right way. In this blog, we’ve discussed high protein low carb foods. Follow this guide to achieve the right weight. However, consult your nutritionist before diving deep.

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