hirogen   The Hirogen

The Hirogen are a deadly race of hunters from the delta quadrant first encountered by the U.S.S. Voyager. Nomadic spacefarers with no home planet, the Hirogen have considered their ships their home for aeons.

Most often the Hirogen travel alone although they are occasionally encountered in small groups of hunting packs. Larger than a normal human, a Hirogen individual has strength relative to their size, capable of matching a Vulcan in hand-to-hand combat. In addition to their natural strengths, Hirogen wear heavy, foreboding black body armour that allows the wearer to survive many hostile environments.

Driven by the urge to hunt, they pursue their prey across thousands of light-years, never giving up until their quarry has been captured. This pursuit of prey has become their only way of life; their entire existence based upon the hunt, including their social rituals, art, and religious belief. The pursuit of prey has carried them across huge distances.

With all Hirogen subordinate to a single individual, entitled the Alpha, aboard each ship, they offer no compassion to their prospective prey as they hunt it relentlessly anticipating the final moment, a face to face encounter in which their target is trapped and exterminated.

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