Holistic Dentistry: a guide to what you should know

Holistic Dentistry: a guide to what you should know

Regular dental care is a crucial facet of healthy living. However, oral diseases have become quite rampant globally. According to the World Health Organization, oral ailments affect more than 3.5 billion people around the world. Poor oral health is caused by a myriad of factors. These include tobacco use, heavy consumption of alcohol and an unhealthy sugar intake.

Holistic dentistry pursues a wholesome approach to dental care. Unlike conventional dental procedures that mainly focus on treating the symptoms, holistic dentistry delves even further by investigating and treating the root cause of the disease. If you’re searching for quality dental treatment, this Holistic Dentist in Indiana might be the right choice for you.

Here are 4 important facts about holistic dentistry you should know:

1. Holistic dentistry utilizes modern, non-invasive treatments

Although oral diseases are highly preventable, they’re often brought about by poor lifestyle choices. Holistic dentistry relies on modern dental technologies that are minimally invasive among patients. Some of the cutting-edge treatments used in holistic dentistry include gum laser treatments, 3D x-rays and unique crown technology. These procedures not only allow patients to heal quickly, but they also help to restore healthy gums and attractive smiles. Before making an appointment with any holistic dentist, it’s important to conduct a thorough background research on that dentist to avoid getting disappointing results.

2. Holistic dentistry focuses on treating the root cause

Holistic dentistry focuses on treating

Most traditional dentists barely take enough time to learn about their patients. Their main interest is curing the symptoms and prescribing costly drugs. However, holistic dentistry provides personalized care for each individual and examines the overall health of patients from different angles. Holistic dentists understand that oral health conditions can be caused by underlying issues such as taking certain medication. Reasonably, they address the root causes of your ailment rather than mere symptoms. These dentists also pursue a preventive approach to prevent patients from developing further complications in future.

3. Holistic dentistry uses safe, biocompatible materials

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Unlike conventional dentistry, holistic dental procedures always utilize safe, biocompatible materials. Most traditional dentists still use mercury/amalgam crowns and dental fillings when treating certain oral issues. However, mercury is a toxic substance that can have fatal effects on the body. Holistic dentistry strictly uses mercury-free crowns and fillings. It also ensures that all materials used to treat dental patients are fully biocompatible with an individual’s body. Holistic dentists will always utilize sterile tools and non-toxic resins to treat patients. The benefits of this particular type of dentistry greatly outweigh the downsides.

4. Holistic dentistry provides long-lasting results

Having visible dental flaws such as crooked or stained teeth can negatively impact your self-confidence. Gladly, holistic dentistry provides simple yet long-lasting solutions to common dental conditions. These include damaged teeth, stinking breath and missing teeth. Patients with discoloured teeth can talk to any revered holistic dentist about getting their teeth whitened safely. That dentist can also provide guidance on the types of foods and drinks you should limit or avoid altogether to prevent developing dire oral issues in future.

Prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, ensure you follow all the preventive measures provided by your dentist to avoid escalating any oral conditions you might be suffering from.

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