Does the daily grind of your 21st century hoo-man existance leave you feeling like you want more? Are you looking for excitement, adventure, and a little oo-mox without leaving the privacy of your very own holosuite? Well, have I got just the deal for you!

For a measly 2 bars of gold pressed latinum, or twenty-five of your earth dollars, I will send you two Optical Data Rods (15×1.5cm & 5×1.5cm in size) containing three holosuite programs of your choosing (from the listing below).

These come straight from my bar’s private collection and are well worth their weight in Latinum, so don’t let this rare opportunity pass you by. (Sorry – the Bajoran display case is not included.)



Vic’s Lounge: Out with a Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang
Photons Be Free

Klingon Calisthenics (without Safety Overides)

Order Holosuite Set I for $25

Captain Proton and the Curse of the Lost Robots

Charnock’s Comedy Cabaret

Puccini’s La Bohème

Order Holosuite Set II for $25

Kahless and Lukara

Vulcan Love Slave II: The Revenge

Chez Sadrine’s Bistro

Order Holosuite Set III for $25




You can order the Optical Rods/Holosuite Programs either by Money Order or Credit Card (secure via PayPal — sign up and get $5). Shipping & Handling is included, for anywhere in the world, no matter how many you order, and will be by First Class Mail within the US; foreign orders by Air Mail. To order by Money Order, E-mail me with your name, shipping address, the Holosuite Program(s) you want and I will send you further information and payment instructions. To order by Credit Card, please use the links above, depending on which one(s) you choose.

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PLEASE NOTE: These Optical Data Rods are custom made on a per order basis, so it may take 2 – 4 weeks for delivery from when I get your payment, but if you have any questions, feel free to E-mail me with them.





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