How Online Learning is as Good as Classroom Learning

How Online Learning is as Good as Classroom Learning

Our idea of what entertainment is has changed significantly in the last 100 years. To some extent, though, technology had a transforming effect on every part of our lives. The one area that is exceptionally resistant to changes in education. Although the pace of the changes of curriculum leaves much to be desired, it is at least progressing. On the other hand, the way classes are taught remained mostly the same for the past 100 years. There’s no doubt that it is a challenging task to create a system that will be beneficial for everyone, but the one thing that we can do is to start relying more on technology.

Even though learning online is still often considered subprime compared to a traditional education system, the number of students that decide to enrol in online classes exclusively is increasing. In the US, in 2016, their share was estimated at 14,71%, while a year later, this number rose to 15,42%. Why is that? In a second, you’ll learn why online learning is just as good, or perhaps to some – even better than a traditional education system. Let’s go!


One of the most crucial factors why people are choosing online learning over classroom learning is that not everyone has enough time to attend classes. Not everyone’s family is able to support them financially, which means that apart from attending the classes, they also have to work, sometimes several jobs. It is increasingly more frequent to find jobs with flexible working hours, but it’s not always the case. If taking care of your finances is your priority, you have to find another way to acquire knowledge and develop your skills. That’s why online learning is oftentimes chosen – because it is the only viable option. 

Lower Costs

When it comes to traditional classroom teaching, you have to attend the classes physically. It’s not a problem if you live next to your university, but the unfortunate reality is that most students have to spend a lot of money on housing. It is undoubtedly a fantastic experience that will lead to many unforgettable memories, but it won’t convince students who simply cannot afford it. 

Apart from the housing, the students also won’t have to pay for transportation, which isn’t as costly as housing, but eventually, it would add up to high costs. 

The Curriculum

We hear every day about new developments in medicine, biology, or physics. It means that if we want to keep up with the changing understanding of the world, we need to update our knowledge frequently. In the past, it wasn’t the case – the march of technological progress wasn’t as quick. That’s why using books that are several years old may not be best for the students. The easiest way to face this problem is to get rid of using books altogether. It is much easier and quicker to update the online course than to write a new book, and then print it.


Although the traditional education system is undoubtedly better when it comes to the socializing aspect – you have a chance to meet new people who share your interests, when it comes to learning, it can become a hindrance. The classes are the only time that you’ll have a chance to meet some of your friends. It means that you are likely to engage in a conversation with them, which means that you won’t be focused on the classes. With online learning, you won’t be able to meet new friends or the love of your life. I know, a bummer. If your main goal is to learn something so that you can advance your career, online learning is a superior option. You won’t be distracted by anyone talking, and there won’t be any people there that might catch your eye – well, except for your professor. 


Being able to decide when it is time to learn requires a certain degree of self-discipline. It is a blessing and a course. For people who are naturally lazy, it might be more difficult to motivate themselves when no one is watching. On the other hand, self-discipline is something that is required if you want to succeed in any aspect of your life. It means that online learning can help you practise being in charge of your own destiny. 


Arguing that any type of learning is superior is pointless; each type caters to specific needs. A traditional education system provides an excellent opportunity to meet people, but it requires money and time that not everyone has at their disposal. That’s why online learning is an amazing option for people who have many other responsibilities in their lives. For them, this method will allow them to acquire new skills that could later come in handy in their professional lives.

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