How to Check if a Diamond Certification Is Real

How to Check if a Diamond Certification Is Real

Before you buy diamond luxury engagement rings, you need to know if they’re real. Diamonds come in many different kinds. This can be tricky to know when it’s your first time getting one.

What are the things to look out for when buying a diamond? Why should you get a diamond certificate? How can you tell if a diamond certificate is real or not?

Always protect your self when buying something pricey. You have to check everything from the origin of the diamond to the seller. Below are ways to see if a diamond certificate is legit.

What to Check When Buying a Diamond

What if you’re planning on getting 2 carat diamond rings? If you want to make sure your money is getting you the right product, research! One sure way to know if the diamond you wish to buy is real is through a diamond certificate.

Where can you get this certificate? There are labs that have expertise and technology when it comes to testing diamonds. They can help you distinguish from:

  • Natural Diamonds
  • Diamond Stimulants or Imitation
  • Synthetic Diamonds

Look out for certifications such as the GIA diamond grading report. These reports can help you identify which one is a real diamond. Not only that but they can give you an unbiased assessment of the diamond. They can also tell you if the diamond has undergone any treatment.

Identifying If a GIA Grading Report Is Real

What if the lab-created diamonds you buy have a grading report with it? How would you know if this was real? In the case of GIA grading reports, they have security features with them such as:

  • Hologram
  • Security Screen
  • Microprint Lines

These help in preventing any report to get copied. They also have a report check service. This can help you verify whether the data matches what’s on their database.

Is it Worth Having the Diamonds Tested in a Lab?

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There are many myths that go around when it comes to identifying diamonds. But if you want to make sure then getting a lab report is the best way. Avoid believing myths and facts that you read about DIY diamond testing.

Until now there are no instant and reliable tests at home that you can do. Be safe and let the experts do their job. Getting the test done earlier will also help you save your money. You wouldn’t want to end up buying a fake diamond at the end which is why precautions matter.

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