A Detailed Guide on How to Cook Salmon in the Oven in Impressive Styles

A Detailed Guide on How to Cook Salmon in the Oven in Impressive Styles

Someone somewhere sometime said it just right. ‘You are what you eat!’ You can try out a hundred methods and practices to stay fit, lose weight feel active, but you will not succeed without the right diet. Today’s population is highly reliant on packaged, junk and processed food, which is taking a significant toll on their health. In fact, medical experts state that the foremost reason behind the rising number of health diseases is an imbalanced and unhealthy lifestyle out of which fifty percent of this lifestyle encompasses an inappropriate diet.

However, many people are realizing the invaluable benefits of home-cooked food as they say the world is round and traditional cooking, grilling and baking are thankfully back with a bang! If you are one of those health-conscious crowds and would like to learn something new about healthy eating today, you are just in the right place! This piece of article shall tell you how to cook salmon in the oven right at the comfort of your home and retain all its goodness and taste at the same time. Before we proceed with the different oven cooking processes, let’s take a look at what nutrients will you gain from a baked salmon!

1. Salmon is a pack of health – Baked is even better!

A detailed guide on how to cook salmon in the oven in impressive styles!


This is one of the cooking styles that you are going t simply love! Well, all that murmurs and buzz you have heard about baking lately is definitely true! Baking is gaining more and more popularity in today’s time. When overweight, obesity is ruling, the best thing you can do is keep oil and grease at bay. The process of baking helps you in accomplishing that. You would be glad to know that baking has also been known to treasure therapeutic value that soothes both your body and mind after consumptions.

Equally, it is tasteful and you can enjoy the dish in its best and the freshest form with all the nutrients packed just the same in it! When you bake a salmon, you will absorb the vitamins, omega-3 fatty acid just as they are in the fish. Even the quality of protein is untouched in the salmon when you bake it in an oven. Cooking with oil or other procedures sometimes tends to degrade these nutrients, but baking will not do that. So let’s quickly take a look at how to cook salmon in the oven in the classic baking process.

  • It is a simple procedure and the first thing you will need to get started is to preheat your oven to 450 degrees F.
  • Now grab your favorites seasoning ingredients to coat the fish. You can use salt, pepper and even lemon garlic dust if you want to! People in different nation possess a different taste and use other types of seasoning ingredients too! You are free to use the ones you like!
  • Now carefully place your salmon pieces on a non-stick container that is oven-proof. Or you can also use a baking sheet as that would be simpler.
  • Give at least twelve to fifteen minutes for the salmon to be baked. Now serve it with your favorite salad. The parsley makes the best combination, though!
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So now that you are clear with the baking process let’s head to another method of how to cook salmon in the oven! This was a comparatively brief method compared to other styles.

2. Here’s how to cook salmon in the oven in traditional style!

A detailed guide on how to cook salmon in the oven in impressive styles!

So, does the name salmon only remind you of western recipes? Bakes salmons are definitely delicious and popular all over the US but Indians will always like it with a little spicier. So, yes you can make all that gravy and curry just with the help of an oven. It is not always possible for people to get al prepared with a frying pan and a stirrer and spend hours to cook an Indian dish. If you always race with time and want an easy yet effective way to cook Indian style salmon, simply follow these steps!

  • So do you have your salmon pieces ready? Good! Now it is best if you can make smaller cubes of those pieces as they will need to be cooked faster and absorb the gravy that shall be added in the end. The smaller the pieces, the better will the absorption of the spices and gravy.
  • Make a paste of roasted cumin seeds, garlic, and ginger
  • Now grab an oven-proof bowl. Make sure it has enough space to hold the final output as per your requirement. Now add two tablespoons of butter in it and let it heat for about 30 seconds.
  • After it is heater pour the prepared paste in it, mix it and let the whole thing cook for two minutes in the over. Make sure it is being cooked in hundred-percent power.
  • Now you will need to add some chopped onions to the paste and let it cook for another two minutes in full power. You can give it a good stir before you set it for coking.
  • When you take it out, you will find the onions have turned slightly golden and translucent. This is the right time to add the flavor spices. So put some tomato puree, red pepper powder and fenugreek leaves if you want to and let it cook for three minutes in full power.
  • When done, add two to three tablespoons of yogurt, required amount of salt and the fish cubes and do the final cooking! This would retake two minutes and make sure it is in hundred-percent power!
  • If you want to thicken the gravy a little more, you can add a little bit of milk to the cooked item, gently stir it and heat it for one minute. This will give out an extraordinary aroma, mild color and density to the gravy.
  • Now add the other seasonings as you like! You can sprinkle chopped coriander, special Indian ready-made spices as you like.

So if you were wondering how to cook salmon in the oven in entirely Indian style, it is definitely not impossible. As you know now that no cooking pan was required to prepare the salmon curry. The entire procedure was done with the help of an oven and an oven-proof bowl. This dish will taste amazing with steamed rice. If you live abroad and miss the Indian flavor because of your busy schedule, use the salmon curry oven recipe demonstrated above to spice up your weekend!

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3. Here’s how to cook salmon in the oven- The Roasted style!

A detailed guide on how to cook salmon in the oven in impressive styles!

Now, this method will explain how to cook salmon in the oven but slightly different from the above-demonstrated ones. We are talking about a roasted recipe here and if you are a fan of roasts, then here it is!

  • Begin by heating the oven up to 180C / 160C Fan / Gas 4
  • Now get your coating brush and dress the salmon fillets gently with olive oil. You can also use butter if you like!
  • Now place the fillets in an ovenproof container. If you want the salmon skin to be hard roasted, leave the lid open. In case you like it a little pulpy and soft, it is recommended that you cover the lid.
  • Let it cook for ten to fifteen minutes.
  • That’s all! Now grab some delicious seasoning and salad and serve it hot! You can use sour cream, mayonnaise and few leaves of lettuce for the salad.

Additional tips for buying the best salmons for the perfect dish

So now that you are clear about how to cook salmon in the oven, it is time to add some perfection to your dish even more. The best dishes never happen without the best ingredients! Often people complain that they don’t end up with the same taste as restaurants do even after following the exact recipe steps and tricks. Well, it might not be you but the salmon. The quality of the salmon plays a big role in determining the overall taste of the final dish. You will have to know a few tiny tips to spot out the right salmon and here’s how! These criterions only apply if you are buying a fresh fish from the market and not fillets.

  • Make sure the skin of the salmon has a moist and soggy appearance
  • Reject the piece that has brown linings on the edges
  • The eye of the fish shall look comparatively clearer
  • The surface of the salmon skin shall be firm with no marks or wrinkles on them

So that was all about how to pick the best salmon and how to cook salmon in the oven. Hope you will make the best out of them. However, it is suggested that you use proper oven cooking equipment such as gloves and aprons as in a few procedures you have to deal with the heated containers plenty of times.

So, salmon fillets, salmon Caesar and kale wraps, salmon teriyaki, salmon with cilantro vinaigrette and couscous are some of the other simple salmon recipes. They will all answer your question to how to cook salmon in the oven, which means you can try preparing them in a microwave oven also. Nowadays ovens are advanced and they also come from the best of brands and they make cooking even more interesting, easy and creative! So, why not make use of the technology in the most optimal manner and innovate and get the best food on the table. Now all you need is an oven, some good salmon and your preferred ingredients to come up with a restaurant-level mouthwatering dish! You see, earning compliments from your guests is not that hard anymore!

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