How to Create a Weekly Organizing Routine

How to Create a Weekly Organizing Routine

 Unless you follow a cleaning schedule, the clutter would keep piling until it becomes overwhelming. So to prevent it from becoming overwhelming, spare some time for daily home organization. Let’s see how to create a cleaning routine and stick to it. A leading maid service in Tucson called Tucson Maids gives us some of their secrets to cleaning successfully. Read on to find tips for organizing your routine.

Daily Home Organization Tips

Every Day

A few things need your attention every day of the week to spruce up your space. Let’s see some ways for organizing your routine.

Clearing the clutter in the

  • bathroom vanity
  • kitchen counter 
  • coffee table

You want to make it a habit to sweep these areas clean every day and put things back in place. 

Let not the clothes pile up on the floor or sofa. Make sure to hang the coats every time after use. Keep shoes in their place. All dirty dishes should go into their place, while dirty clothes must sit in the hamper.

Little steps go a long way in keeping your space clutter free and organized. 


Small organizational habits will make life easier for you. If you cannot spare every day to cleaning and organizing your entire home, break it down into manageable tasks. For example, set Monday aside for organizing your routine kitchen. 

Declutter the space, organize the items on the countertops, and tidy the kitchen. 


Keep Tuesday for bedroom cleaning. It all begins with the closet. The reason is that closet clutter usually piles up in the bedroom. So it is a good idea to start with storage spaces and closet. After sorting out the closet, you want to declutter your sleeping arena from a chaotic mess. Make the bed and the room will look completely spruced up.


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While the rooms get your attention, the entryway is often overlooked. So try to include the entryway in your daily home organization checklist.

When you begin, the entry might look cluttered. But when you make it an organizational habit, the clutter will disappear and the site will remain organized and clear.

Give a home to the mail so it does not pile up here and there. Make a space for everything that often ends up in the entryway. For example, keys.  You want to make sure there is a keyholder to hold all keys. This will keep the space tidy while you may not have to spend too much time locating the keys when you need to go out.


It’s time to clean the kitchen again because food can easily get contaminated. The space might become a hotbed for pathogens. So it is crucial that the kitchen gets more attention than any other room in your home.

Clean the refrigerator, pantry, and cabinets. It should be easy since you have already done a thorough cleaning and organizing on Monday. Thursday’s kitchen cleaning should not be too much of a hassle.

Clear any stains or spots that are shouting for attention. Sanitize the sink and you are done. 


Now that we are learning how to create a cleaning routine and stick to it, it’s turn for the Friday task. How do your living room and guest room look like?

Perhaps the living room needs deep cleaning than the guest room since the former is your family room. You can see all types of clutter here, from books, magazines, coffee mugs, clothes, kids’ toys, remote, and what not.

Put like with like. Give a home to every item so they do not clutter your living area. Let the kids learn some organizational habits by putting their toys in the designated boxes and other stuff in the places meant for them. 

When it becomes a habit, you will have less clutter to deal with.


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When Saturday arrives, your home is already looking clean and organized. It’s time to declutter anything that seems to be out of place. Is everything in its place? Check and clear any clutter. Kids can still mess things up so check if they are placing their toys in the baskets. Is the mail in the entryway inbox? 

Keep Saturday as a purge day and declutter your home workspace. You will be happy with a clean space.


Perhaps your bathroom needs maximum attention so the last day of the week is reserved for bathroom cleaning and organizing your routine. On Sunday, you can spare a little extra time for sanitizing the restroom. 

Declutter the drawers and counter. Clear the trash. Swap out towels with fresh ones. Give the toilet pot a deep clean with a baking soda and vinegar solution. The solution works like a charm on tough stains and bad odor. 

So we hope this cleaning routine becomes an organizational habit for you. Once it becomes a habit, you will need to clean less because an organized space needs little attention. Let not the clutter pile up anywhere. 

If you are still wondering as to how to organize daily cleaning tasks, you may want to connect with professionals. At Modern Maids, cleaning is our profession. Backed by decades of experience, we are happy to declutter, organize, and spruce up your home.

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