How to Identify High-Quality CBD Products?

How to Identify High-Quality CBD Products?

CBD is a great health supplement that carries a lot of potential, but this rapidly-progressing market is allowing some non-reputable brands to start creeping into the mix. There aren’t enough regulations right now to keep everybody on the up and up. For people who have already been taking a dose of CBD each day with great success, there is knowledge present that can help purchase a product with ease. If you’re interested in starting up with a CBD regimen, there are some ways that you can identify a high-quality CBD product from snake oil. Let’s take a closer look.

Look into How a Product is Made
The type of manufacturing process that is used to make CBD oil is incredibly important. While there is legislation that details the legality of CBD in the U.S., there aren’t any regulatory actions that control how CBD is manufactured. Depending on the specific brand you’re considering, there may be cheap extraction methods being used. The highest-quality CBD is made using CO2 extraction. There are solvents that can do the same job, but you’re taking the risk of consuming these dangerous substances like butane, propane and hydrocarbon gases.

How a Product is Grown
In order to ensure that the final CBD product being made is safe and effective, the process must be intricately managed right from the beginning stages of growing the hemp. The best products are grown using organic farming methods. That means there is no use of dangerous and harmful pesticides or fertilizers. These chemicals can work their way into the final product when they are present. You could be doing more harm than good when you don’t pay attention to how your CBD was grown. If a hemp plant is being grown on rich, organic soil, the final product is much more potent and safe.

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THC Content
THC is one of the cannabinoids that are present in hemp and marijuana. While it serves its purpose for a number of people, this is a product that can produce the feeling of being high. When you are shopping for the best CBD cream for pain products, you can usually find out what the THC content is of that product. A reputable brand will make this information readily available. If you have a hard time finding the information or you find that there is CBD above the threshold of 0.3 percent, then you will want to move on and find something else. Don’t forget, the legal limit is 0.3 percent for many states in the U.S.

Third-Party Lab Results
If you have never used CBD oil before and are literally looking into a variety of brands for the first time, pay attention to brands like these, that make third-party lab results public to consumers. A company that goes through the trouble of having their products tested by someone else shows that they are confident in their products and they care about what they’re producing. This information will usually be provided for each batch, detailing the THC content, the included ingredients for that batch, potency and much more.

Lower-grade CBD oil simply won’t be as effective as a product that is very pure. If you don’t want something that is polluted with THC or other additives and fillers, you’ll want to look into each product that you are considering. Ask people you know for recommendations. You can also speak with a trusted medical professional that may be able to point you in the right direction. Don’t settle for something that could be dangerous or pointless to consume.

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