How to increase productivity

How to increase productivity

In today’s world focus, and tenacity is comparable to a high IQ if not more. If you take a simple look at the world today, everyone is walking while reading blog on goodbuytoday or checking their Instagram feed. Their eyes are glued to their phones so much that the sale of portable phone chargers has gone up rapidly. Admit it or not, we spend our most productive hours of the day watching dancing dogs and cats on YouTube. If you take a hard look at Elon Musk or Bill Gates or any successful people out there, you will see that they are not going through their social feeds or watching TV during their finest hours.

We know it’s not your fault. The tiny white screen is such a world where people waste hours without realizing it. Of course, you want to be as productive you can and get stuff done. But productivity doesn’t come overnight. Every tough job requires practice, and you need exactly 21 days to turn that practice into a habit. Let’s dive into some of those practices.

Productivity Hack 1: Make a priority list

priority list

You know you have pending work to do, but still, you can’t help but procrastinate. So you go through different productivity articles, and they tell you the exact same thing: Make a Work-List. Then you’ve tried planning your day and failed. The daily schedule that you write down is built upon an imaginary ideal notion of a productive day you aspire to have. While it looks super feasible, in practice, it yields failure.

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Applications such as Cloud based quickbooks and Office 365 enterprise e5 suite can help you to maximize your office productivity through it`s remote working and multi-user premium features.

So what you should do instead is make a list of work with the highest priority on top. Then bow your head down and get to work and don’t get up until you have crossed off that work from the list.

Productivity Hack 2: Regular exercise

You should make a lot more time, sitting on the sofa with snacks and cold drinks with your headphones on and play video games. Kidding!

You must set aside at least 1 hour for exercising. It is a very cliche hack, but a lot of ambitious people don’t exercise as work takes up all their hours. Exercising daily will not only make you physically fit but also mentally sound. It slows Neural Degeneration, i.e., and it increases the critical brain cells that make you sharper. Exercise reduces stress, improves sleep, and gives your mind the superpower to be present all the time and take in information all throughout the day.

Productivity Hack 3: The 20-second rule

The 20-second rule

The 20-second rule is about increasing the time to get into the bad habits that you want to eliminate and reducing the time and friction to get into the things that should do more often. So, if you spend too much time on PlayStation, put your game controllers inside a drawer and even pull out the cord out of your PlayStation. If your phone is distracting you, put it on silent and put it inside the drawer.

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Anything you can do to reduce the friction between you and the good habit is going to reduce your willpower to remain consistent in doing it.

Productivity Hack 4: Tight bubbles of super-focus

A lot of people don’t pay attention to their work environment. Maybe you have headphones lying on your table, maybe you have music in the background, or maybe you have a messy environment.

To create your productivity by 100%, create a distraction-free minimalistic environment, and be very hard to reach. Be in a tight bubble of total focus and don’t get out until you finish your work.

Productivity Hack 5: Choose friends and peers wisely

There is a famous quote- “If you are the smartest person in the class, then you’re in the wrong class.”

Surround yourself with people with like-minded people. If you have friends who perform better than you, then you will feel the urge to be like them. If you surround yourself with victims, you’ll be one forever.

Lastly, I want to leave you with one last thing. Motivation videos are great, but only if you get motivated. Even motivation videos are a gateway to procrastination and distraction. Those videos and articles can merely ignite the fire, but it’s your job to keep than fire on. No amount of motivational articles, videos, and quotes can do your work. Only You can do it.

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