How To Keep Your Truck Looking Like New

How To Keep Your Truck Looking Like New

More than making your truck look good inside and out, the main reason for keeping your truck looking like new, is to extend its service and road life.

The winter weather is particularly harsh on your truck, what with the potentially engine-damaging effects of highly corrosive de-icing materials needed to keep your truck going on thick sheets of ice on the road.

Even if your vehicle traverses “regular” roads, it still needs to be properly cleaned and maintained, too, so that the dirt, grime, and other debris do not create more problems along the way.    

Take heed of the following tips to make your truck squeaky, clean, and ever ready to take you anywhere, without conking out.

  • Proper cleaning + Wax= Super Shine.

Specially formulated car wax products can protect your truck pain against harsh elements. Many people think that wax alone can help you achieve deep and mirror-quality shine, with few people applying two coats of wax for that enviable luster. This is not totally true, though.  

Cleaning your car properly by removing all forms of grime, dirt, and other contaminants allow for a better shine by making the wax stick better to the surface and allowing a better-looking and glossy finish. No amount of wax coats can make your truck shine if its surface is covered with dirt. Consider using a clay bar. These stuff can remove grime, grit, and surface contaminants with ease, even those that have stuck to the paint.

  • Clean the exterior properly.

It goes without saying that in order to keep your truck looking like new, you have to know how to clean the exterior properly. You can do it yourself or send your baby to a car cleaning service. If you’re skimping on cash, just be careful in using detergent soap to clean your car as it can potentially wash of wax coatings, exposing your vehicle’s minor damages such as dents, nicks, and rust. Remove any excess moisture and use the best rust converter  to remove contaminants.

  • Consider using a paint cleaner.
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Dirt and other contaminants can stick to your paint and can be very difficult to remove. Instead of scrubbing, which can aggravate damage, consider using a paint cleaner on top of a cleaning wax.

  • Use the right glass products.

It can be easy to use regular glass cleaning products that you already have at home. But you may want to check the label, as car cleaning experts recommend those without ammonia. These glass cleaning products can help avoid contaminants- grime, dirt, and grease – from settling on the glass windows or your beloved truck.

Car enthusiasts typically use a fresh microfiber towel to apply these cleaning products to make sure your windows don’t dry up with streaks on it. Fold the towel in four parts; spray the glass cleaner on one side, then wipe it on your vehicle window. Buff the glass to remove the dirt, then use the towel’s dry side to make a clean finish.

  • What’s inside matters, too.

Cleaning your truck’s interior is as important as cleaning the external portion, too. Grab an interior spray detailer to your seating surfaces, where contaminants can also accumulate, as you get in and out of your vehicle. Tidying up your seat surfaces can help remove these abrasive particles from damaging the insides of your truck.

To avoid causing more damage to your car, do not ply products directly to the surface. Spray the leather or vinyl cleaner on a clean towel before applying it to the car’s interior surfaces. If you’ve ever had a small accident and spilled a vinyl protectant on your windows, you know how notoriously difficult this chemical is to remove.

  • Less is more when putting wax.
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Apply wax sparingly because there’s only so much product that can remain on your car’s surface. Applying a thin coat of wax takes less time to dry and less residue to clean up and buff, so it also requires a shorter time to finish, overall.

  • Wax or polish?

It’s actually the same. A car polish and a car wax are created for the same purpose and to produce the same results – to lock in the gloss that you did during the preparation stage. Save time, money, and effort by choosing either.  You can choose from synthetic and naturally-derived car polish and wax products.  

  • Keep your truck away from birds.

Bird poop can be damaging to your car paint. Ever notice what it can do if left in your car for several days? It can actually corrode your car paint. To avoid this, always keep a quick detail spray bottle and at least two microfiber towels to clean the droppings as soon as you see them.

  • A spray a day keeps expensive works away.

A quick clean-up after arriving home helps you save time and money in both external and internal works in the long run. Simply wipe your truck with a cleaning product and wipe it off.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining a good-looking vehicle especially for those running a business is important since the vehicle literally becomes your rolling advertisement billboard.   Like your clothes, your truck sends a message to other people about who you are.

Keeping your truck in tiptop shape may be an added expense but its benefits clearly outweigh the costs; your truck services you for a longer period and keeps the drivers and passengers safe wherever they need or want to go.

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