How to Monitor Your Health Using a Smartphone

How to Monitor Your Health Using a Smartphone

If diseases need to be treated by doctors, you can monitor your health and prevent the onset of certain diseases by using applications that monitor the state of the cardiovascular, digestive, and other systems of the body. Mobile software developers are so advanced that they have even created free apps to control sexual predilections.

Well, if you want to improve your health, the phone will also help you! Today there are many applications that tell you how to properly monitor your forms. We bring the most popular.

Water accounting

It’s about the benefits of water. According to doctors, it is necessary to drink 1.5 – 2 liters a day. The Water Balance Application helps to achieve this result. The main thing is to mark in your smartphone what and when you drink. The program itself keeps records and compares indicators with the norm. If the numbers are different, a reminder will come to your phone.

The application takes into account which specific drinks you use: tea, coffee, juice, or alcohol. After all, alcohol removes water from your body.

Similar apps: Water Check, Water Minder, Hydro.

Platform: iOS, Android.

Losing weight

Fat Secret is for those who want to eat right and dream of losing weight. The application has a diary where you write down what you ate and in what quantity. The program shows the calorie content of dishes, the content of protein-fat-carbohydrates, and gives advice.

A similar application is Lifesum. You record the food you have eaten during the day. And in the evening the program gives you an overview of what you have eaten and what you need to eat to get your intestines working. There are also popular diet programs in the app. And if you deviate from the norm, you will be offered an individual weight loss plan.

Similar apps: iDukan, Calorie Calculator, Food Composition.

Platform: iOS, Android.

Step tracker

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Apps that count how many steps you’ve taken. Such programs measure the total mileage, the number of steps, show the speed at which you walked, and count the calories burned during your journey.

The pedometers work due to the accelerometer built into the phone. This is a sensor that monitors the dynamics of the smartphone. Therefore, there is no need to talk about a hundred percent accuracy. Expensive devices (such as iPhones) are highly reliable, but smartphones of Chinese origin may be inaccurate. The position of the phone also plays an important role. It is best to have the device in your pants pocket. Closer to your legs.

Similar applications: Accupedo, Pacer, Runtastic Pedometer.

Platform: iOS, Android.

Healthy sleep

Everybody wants to sleep properly, but not everybody does it. There are a lot of apps about sleeping that aren’t very useful. Users are simply given obvious advice. For example, how important it is to relax in the evening, to listen to music. It’s trite.

We found the Sleep Better app, which tracks sleep phases all night long by body movements in bed – deep sleep or sensitive. And in the morning, it wakes up at the most user-friendly moment. The program works with an accelerometer. The sensor reacts to movements and captures readings on a graph. There are errors, of course. It all depends on the phone model.

There is an application that records night noises. Whether it’s snoring, your conversations in your sleep, or something else. It’s called the Smart Alarm Clock program. In the morning, your smartphone displays statistics on how long you’ve been sleeping and how long it’s been disturbed. If you were awake at night – everything will be reflected in the schedule, and you can listen to the noise itself.

Similar applications: Jawbone Up, Sleep Cycle, Sleep Time.

Platform: iOS, Android.

For women only

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The Love Cycles application helps ladies control the cycle schedule. When your period starts, you press the button that counts the days. Further on, the program itself predicts the beginning of the next cycle and determines the delay, if it occurs.

Another popular application is Period Tracker. Here you can enter all the data directly into the calendar, mark the symptoms and emotional state, as well as add a note.

And inside the Pink Pad app, there is a forum where you can discuss topics related to women’s health with other participants.

Platform: iOS, Android.

Taking care of your own health is the number one item on your to-do list. Good health significantly adds self-confidence and energy to all the planned accomplishments. Be sure to keep an eye on yourself. And your smartphone will help with that!


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