How to Move the Kitchen when Relocating

How to Move the Kitchen when Relocating

How to move the kitchen set when relocating when the kitchen is much more often built-in? And not always the owners of the apartment/house decide to take it with them when moving. But this option is not excluded if the move was not planned in advance and the kitchen was just purchased — it is unlikely that you will want to leave the furniture in the old apartment. Before hiring a professional moving company check moving company reviews and ask for a moving Quote. Expenses are always disappointing but using nowadays tools like approximate moving cost calculator or numerous apps will help you to plan and even save your money. In this article, we will give recommendations on how to transport a kitchen set to install it in a new apartment.

What you need to know about kitchen transportation

The built-in kitchen is personalized for a specific apartment. When moving to a new house, it is unlikely that the old kitchen will fit the size and number of components in the set. Therefore, before transporting the kitchen, we recommend once again answering the question: “do you need to take it from the old apartment or not?”.

It will be more difficult to sell or rent an apartment that does not have a kitchen, and the buyer will try to “bring down” the cost of housing.

Pay attention: It makes sense to take the kitchen from the old apartment to the new one only if the old house will be demolished, and the kitchen is of high quality and I would like to keep it. If the kitchen is from hypermarkets of furniture, it is likely that you can buy the missing elements for it. Then it will be possible to perfectly fit the existing cabinets, tables, cabinets, shelves and other kitchen furniture into the new apartment.

Rules for disassembling the headset when moving

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The labor-intensive stage in the transportation of the kitchen is disassembly. After all, the kitchen consists of a huge number of details that need to be saved in order to then assemble it in a new apartment. At the same time, it is important not to confuse the details with each other.

Pay attention

Often kitchen furniture bolts, screws and other fasteners and mechanisms are the same for all cabinets. Even in this case, we do not recommend mixing them. Fixing mechanisms during operation may already have some defects, as well as the hardware itself. It is better to fix the fasteners in their original places, so as not to further deform the components of the kitchen.

We recommend that you disassemble the kitchen using the following algorithm.

  • Preparation

Immediately take photos of the assembled kitchen, they will be required for Assembly after moving.

Prepare the required number of boxes, where you CAN separately lay out the fasteners of each element of the kitchen. All elements of the kitchen will need to be numbered, as well as boxes with fasteners for them.

  • Removal and disassembly

A significant part of the kitchen set is hanging cabinets. We recommend starting the analysis of the kitchen with them. The algorithm of work for each cabinet is as follows:

  1. Remove the cabinet;
  2. Take a picture of it and the mount it was on;
  3. Remove the mount and put it in a box;
  4. Proceed to the disassembly of the cabinet. Remove the handles and fasteners, put them in a box;
  5. Fold the hardware together.

Pay attention: If there is an instruction from furniture (often they are on the Internet), be sure to read it.

  • Packaging
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After disassembling the Cabinet into parts, pack each of them. Depending on the available packaging material, you can use bubble wrap, cardboard, foam rubber, the process will be slightly different. It is important to securely pack each piece of hardware separately to avoid the possibility of damage during transportation.

After that, wrap the hardware parts together with packaging film and attach the boxes with fasteners to them, if this will not interfere with transportation. If the transportation takes place in a passenger car, where there is not much free space, it is better to fold the boxes with fasteners separately. Sign each of them, and the packaged accessories, too, noting its number on the packaging film, so that you do not confuse the mounting components afterward.

Do this with every element of the kitchen that is being transported.

How to transport the kitchen when moving

It depends on what it is transported on. You can also transport it in a car. To do this, remove the excess from the trunk and stack the Packed accessories on top of each other. If it does not fit in the trunk, use the rear passenger seats and the free space behind the driver’s and front passenger’s seats.

In cargo transport, it is even easier to transport the kitchen — place it in the back and secure it securely. It is not necessary to use cables for fixing, it is better to use them to hold equipment, for example, a washing machine or refrigerator. Accessories can be securely fixed by placing heavy boxes on it.

Pay attention: Avoid the possibility of falling on the hardware during sudden braking of objects that can damage it.

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