How to recognise the best weed seeds

How to recognise the best weed seeds

When you start browsing the Internet for the best weed seeds, you will find many websites that offer you the best and the brightest. The best price, the highest quality and the like. But how do you actually know if you are buying the right product? We cannot promise the world, but there are some methods that help you in the identification process. In this article, we dive into some of these methods and explain to you how you can recognize the best weed seeds on the market.

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Look at the color and appearance

When it comes to cannabis, it is best to look at the color and appearance of the seeds first. The quality in this case is defined by the viability of the seeds. The seeds that are considered the most viable of ten have a brown, tan or even darker color. Those are good choices. When you come across weed’s seed that have a white, yellow or green colour it is best to not purchase them.

Get your seeds with a wax

If you ask some experts, they will even go into more depth when it comes to colours. Besides the colours, there can be patterns in the seeds such as stripes. This can indicate that it concerns a good quality seed. Furthermore, when a seed is shining like a coating of wax when held under light, this is considered a property of a good quality seed as well.

Weed seeds come in all sizes and shapes

Like everything in nature, there are many forms, sizes and shapes. What is considered beautiful in the eyes of humans? Well, symmetry is one of those typical properties being mentioned. This also holds true for the seeds. Larger seeds that are symmetrical in nature are considered better than smaller ones that have an irregular shape. Takes this into account when selecting the seeds you want to purchase.

Quality does not come with age

While some say that quality comes with age, this is not the case for best weed seeds. You need to have young seeds that are freshly harvested to have the best quality. If you have purchased seeds and cannot use them straight away, make sure you store them in a cool and dry place. A freezer could also help as a means of storage. Hereby you prevent that they get rotten.

Strong seeds

A strong seed promises a better quality plant. With a hard shell that is not cracked, you can expect to have a better result. Scanning the seeds for these characteristics will help you to grow the highest quality plant possible with the seeds that you have. When you are dealing with a soft shell, it best to avoid them.

Want to buy high-quality seeds on the Internet? There are many websites out there. One of them is This is a respectable and well-known website that offers a broad assortment of high-quality seeds and can ship across the globe.

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