How To Start A Hair And Eyelash Extensions Brand

How To Start A Hair And Eyelash Extensions Brand

Nowadays becoming your own boss is the new standard especially in the beauty industry. Establishing your own hair and eyelash extensions brand allows you to experience freedom in an industry that has such a high demand. With so much growth in the world of beauty, there are endless possibilities to becoming an entrepreneur of your own hair and/or eyelash brand. There is a lot to put into place and prepare for when it comes to starting a beauty brand. Luckily for you, you can find all the information you need to help you get started in this post. Over at Private Label Extensions, we assist our clients with building their Hair And Eyelash Extensions empire from start to finish. Learn the top five tips that are universal to starting a hair and eyelash extensions brand.

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Determine your product

When looking to start your own beauty brand, it is important to determine what products you will be specifically offering. A great way to determine this is by considering your target market. If you pay attention to who you are serving, you will focus on offering the right product that will meet their needs and solve whatever problems they have. When finding the perfect product, think about the demand of it, the longevity of its relevance, how it makes your target audience’s life better, and the cost efficiency to build your inventory. If you are just getting started and are wholesaling, we recommend starting off with the most popular lengths and textures, which are Body Wave Hair Extensions and Silky Straight Extensions with lengths 14”-24”. 

Find a supplier

It’s not just about pricing! Finding a hair vendor, to help build your inventory is crucial for establishing a reputable beauty brand. Of course you want the product you offer to be of great value and quality. A great way to find a supplier is to consider four things: reliability, stability, product quality, and popularity. Ensuring that you’re working with a supplier that is reliable gives you the confidence in knowing that your product will always be made ready and available for distribution. Look for a supplier you can depend on. Stability gives you the assurance that you’re working with a supplier that has been around for a while and is more than familiar with the industry of wholesale. This can help you trust them more. The quality of product is essential when working with the right suppliers. This will determine your reputability as a brand and help your target market trust you. Finally, product popularity with the right vendor will help you stay in tune with what your target market likes so that you can readily serve them.

Establish great marketing

Marketing is the way a business or brand gets itself out there in and into the consciousness of people. Great marketing can lead to increased sales for your business, and we all know more sales means more money, who doesn’t want that? It’s important to get creative with your marketing and not just focus on certain trends but create them. Creative marketing strategies like video content, giveaways/contests, and even grassroots marketing. Establishing great marketing will help get your brand in front of the right people. And the right type of marketing will be very effective and attractive to them. Not only will Hair Extension Marketing help you gain more sales but you will become a brand with standards.

Build a website

If you’ve never created a website before or not familiar with where to start, it’s possible you’re not aware of what works and what doesn’t. Choosing the right platform for your hair extension brand website first is super important as it can help website visitors navigate properly throughout your site and make the purchase process simple. It is important that you don’t leave out the details and the intentional design you give to your website. Your online representation of your brand is everything and the first impression is always important. You always want to give off the best impression because it is always a lasting one. Make the investment to get a website designed professionally or make the time to do the research on DIY web design. But always keep in mind the brand experience you want your audience to have when visiting your site. 

Design branding and packaging

When shipping your product, you want to offer your customer a pleasurable presentation. A great way to do this is with strategic branding and well-designed packaging. Your hair extension packaging is your way of free advertising. It helps you to set the bar for your brand and even build credibility. Think about the news your customer could share to family and friends because of what they received in the mail. Others may see the custom hair extension packaging and you must be intentional with it in order to stand out and be attractive to your target audience. 

A poorly designed package can provide a negative impact on your customer and lead them to believe that your brand does not care about quality or prioritize them as a customer. Consider that the possible reason they’re buying your product is that they want to look good with what they invest in and what better way to start them on their journey than great packaging and brand design.

Get started today!

There’s no doubt that starting your own beauty brand is worth it and most importantly possible. But we get it. It can seem frustrating or intimidating when you’re just not sure where to start. All the more reason to consider these several tips and pointers to get you started on the right track. Granted there’s so much more to get started but you have to start somewhere and these are the basics. Make sure to thoroughly do your research and be intentional about investing in your business. Don’t wait, get started today!

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