How to Turn Your House into a Senior-Friendly Environment

How to Turn Your House into a Senior-Friendly Environment

When you’re young, it’s hard to picture life as a senior. But time passes and many reach the retirement age without being prepared for it, mentally or practically. Your house is the place where you will probably spend most of your senior years and it might need some adjustments for this. Here, you will learn how to turn your house into a senior-friendly one.

Eliminate Risks

You might not be aware right now of all the hazards that are in your home, but as you age and lose your agility, it’s easy to slip or stumble and fall. If you want to prevent the risk of getting hurt this way, take a look at the surface you have to walk on every day.

The floor and the walkway that leads to your house should be obstacle-free and if they aren’t, you can start working on this. Let’s start with your walkway. In time, this surface might get cracked which poses risks. You should start by leveling it and fixing all the cracks.

Another potential cause of accidents for the elderly lies right at the entrance of the house. This should be a no-rise entry in order to eliminate the risk of falling. Additionally, the smooth areas that increase the risk of a slip and fall accident should be dealt with. A solution is to apply no-slip flooring.

Change Your Lights If Necessary

Another factor that helps minimize home-related hazards is a good lighting system. The more light you get, the fewer the chances are of getting hurt inside your home because you were not able to see the furniture or any items that lie on the floor. If your house doesn’t have sufficient light bulbs, maybe it’s time to start adding them now.

Equip Your Kitchen for Ease of Access

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You might not realize it now, but simple actions that require no effort now might become a nightmare as you get older. Stretching or bending to grab a plate or a towel is usually a daunting task for seniors who might feel immediate back or leg pain as a result.

To avoid this type of problem, think about choosing furniture that will help you easily reach all the items you need. If hanging cabinets will no longer be a practical solution, you can resort to using chests of drawers in your kitchen and bathroom.

Redesign Your Bathroom

The bathroom is the one place in your house you definitely need to adapt to your senior needs. Many elderly people get injured or face significant discomfort in bathrooms that are only designed for the young and healthy. There are several aspects you should take into account in order to make your bathroom senior-friendly.

First and foremost, non-slip materials should be applied throughout the bathroom because it is easy to slip on a wet surface. To do this, you can choose from a wide variety of special mats. Also, the shower itself or bathtub should be protected by using non-slip strips.

Washing becomes more difficult as you age because standing for long periods or trying to fit in the bathtub puts a strain on your body. The easiest way to feel comfortable while taking care of your hygiene is to install a seat for the elderly in your shower and a grab bar.   

For senior people who also suffer from locomotory issues, there are different types of toilets targeted to their needs. The best ada toilet is a good example of such an item. 

Becoming a senior is not a problem but getting there without being fully prepared is. Try to transform your home into a senior-friendly one before you retire. This way, you can enjoy your senior years without feeling uncomfortable in your own home. 

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