How to Use CBD for Seniors

How to Use CBD for Seniors

Since CBD hit the markets, it has been trending for various reasons. It has multiple uses, but there are a few things to consider, especially for seniors, which is what the following guide will explore.

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A Quality Issue

Take extra precaution and look for premium CBD oil for sale from reputable companies. Read all labels carefully. A few extra minutes reviewing the policies, sourcing and extraction methods a company uses offers a road map that shows you how the oil is produced. Check for sustainable growing practices and third party product testing – a trustworthy company will have all of this information up front and easy to find, not hidden in small print or camouflaged by technical jargon.

Hemp Vs Marijuana

CBD oil can be derived from hemp or marijuana. You need to know this for two reasons, one is the amount of THC present can alter how the substance makes you feel and because of regional legality. If marijuana is illegal then so are products made from marijuana. CBD oil that comes from hemp will have little to no THC present and hemp is not illegal or considered a drug in any way.

If you want pure CBD with no THC related effects, like euphoria or feeling ‘high,’ and don’t want to worry about legality choose a hemp-derived CBD oil product.

Always Start Small

The next thing you’ll have to worry about is the dosage. This is something other people don’t worry about, but seniors should consider the dosage. Your body has to get used to things. You should treat CBD oil like you would anything else.

Look at the suggested serving recommendation, and opt for the lowest amount. After starting small, monitor yourself, which you can do by writing down how you feel before and after taking CBD oil. Once you see that your body is getting used to this change, you can consider going up on your serving size if you want. This may seem like a lot of work, but all you’re doing is being cautious.

Stick With Your Doctor

A big part of this decision must include your doctor. This person knows your body and has been monitoring it for a long time. If you are thinking of using CBD oil, allow your doctor to weigh in on that decision. It may also be a good idea to ask him or her to help you monitor your body’s reaction to CBD.

One of the perks of keeping your doctor involved is that he or she could help you understand CBD a little more. There are some folks who may know a little bit about this product but aren’t fully informed and your doctor will help you understand why CBD is used by so many -young and old alike.

Consider Your Medications

A lot of seniors are taking some kind of medication. Some seniors are taking more than one. Those who are using medications need to talk to their doctor before taking CBD oil.

Just like any other change to your diet, you need to make sure your doctor knows because he or she can tell you how it’ll affect the medications you’re taking. Some medications are quite sensitive to the general makeup of your body and even a little change can upset the balance. You want to make sure you closely monitor how your medication reacts to this new change, and your doctor can help with that.

These are some of the things seniors need to keep in mind when using CBD oil. Hopefully, this guide makes it easier to incorporate it into your life without hitting any obstacles.

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