The Importance of Document Shredding and Your Identity

The Importance of Document Shredding and Your Identity

Despite modern offices going digital, there is still a need for physical or hard copy documents for keeping business records and for other purposes. Hard copy documents pile up over time filling up office spaces. Since you cannot continue piling up the document forever, you will at some point require to dispose of those documents that have outlived their usefulness. Such documents hold very important information crucial to your organization that you cannot just dispose of them carelessly. You can choose to burn or shred them, but whichever means of discarding you choose, ensure that you destroy every bit of information that might compromise your company if the documents were to fall on the wrong hands. The most efficient way to get rid of such documents is to shred the documents. For context, here are a few benefits of shredding documents after use.

  1. Protect the Privacy of Your Company and Customers

The privacy of your company and your customers is vital. If you were to dispose of your documents as a whole, they will in one way or another land on some people with ill intentions. For instance, such information can expose the secrets of your business, and have your competitors sabotage it. They might even contact your clients and draw them away from you. For this reason, always make sure that you shred your documents properly before putting them in the waste bin. One company you can use for this service is Record Storage Systems. You can learn more about their services on

  1. Guard Against Identity Theft
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Businesses and individuals lose millions of dollars because of identity theft. In spite of all the measures that people take to protect themselves, hackers still manage to access personal data. One way that they do it is through access to physical information in documents. For instance, if a scammer has access to an individual’s or company’s bank and credit card details, they can use that information to make a new card and commit financial fraud. To curb the work of such criminals, it is best to always get rid of sensitive information in printed documents through shredding. Shredding is done in such a way that the shredded document cannot be reverse engineered to access valuable data.  

  1. Protect the Environment

Protect the Environment

When you shred papers, they become easier to dispose of, as compared to when you throw them away whole. Shredding also eliminates the need to burn documents, which pollutes the environment. Shredding also makes it easier for those carrying such documents to their disposal areas. The process also makes it easier for recycling factories to recycle easily. In a world where the environment is increasingly an issue of concern, shredding is a step in the right direction. 

  1. Put More Focus on the Core Business Functions

For a business to grow, it must put emphasis on its core functions. Redundant materials can set you back diverging your attention, hence forcing you to waste valuable time on unnecessary activities such as storage. If you have documents that have already run out of use, it is more economical to have them destroyed and forge forward instead of dwelling for too long on them. The more you release the completed functions, the easier it becomes to forge ahead and grow your business. 

  1. Meet Compliance Standards and Avoid Fines
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Due to the increased cases of data theft, different countries have come up with laws that protect personal privacy. Such laws don’t just cover digital data, but also printed data that individuals leave in the hands of corporations. One such law is the Data Protection Act in the U.S. This law offers legal protection for personal data especially data that relates to medical details. In essence, as an organization, failure to protect such data can lead to costly and unnecessary fines. To avoid such costly fines, it makes sense to invest in document shredding technologies alongside digital data protection methods. 

  1. Save on Space and Time

Working in a cluttered office with limited space wastes both time and energy. A squeezed office space kills employees’ morale and has them wasting too much time on unnecessary activities. Shredding documents no longer in use can create a lot of new office space, and prevent employees from referring back to old documents even when it is not necessary. With old documents destroyed, workers can then focus on what is necessary and do what is needed. The business ends up performing well when workers are focused on what lies ahead rather than what was there before. They also get to enjoy a clean and uncluttered environment and hence get a boost in their motivation. 


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