We have witnessed the rise of cannabidiol (CBD) to the mainstream. People can simply walk up to many bars or corner stores without prescription and purchase CBD products. The popularity of CBD is not surprising when we consider its multifaceted healing properties. A lot of people refer to it as a “magical elixir” because of its many health benefits.

These benefits have led a lot of parents to administer several doses of CBD to their children in the bid of helping them combat health issues like insomnia, anxiety, etc. But is this over the counter treatment safe?

Here are a few important things parents should know about CBD:


People have depended on using hemp extracts to help combat many health issues for thousands of years. In 1851, the US Pharmacopeia classified marijuana as a medical substance to possibly help manage or treat several health issues like epilepsy, insomnia or migraines, etc. However, this changed in 1970, when cannabis extracts were deemed to be illegal by the US government.

Although several types of research have investigated the safety and benefits of these products, it is difficult to take the research to the next level. The reason for this is that the US government has classified CBD as a Schedule 1 medicine. This makes requesting federal funding to research further difficult. An expert admitted that there are a lot of things about CBD that are still not known. He further emphasized that there is scant knowledge of the impact of CBD on kids and especially how it helps in the treatment of mental disorders among kids. Visit Berkshirecbd to learn more.


A few years ago, the World Health Organization discouraged the use of CBD without medical prescription. This is not because they considered CBD unsafe. It is because of the potential negative effects of any interaction that may occur between the current medications of a patient and CBD. The WHO has further admitted that there is no record of CBD abuse in terms of using CBD in public for recreational purposes.

Although CBD in itself is considered safe, experts believe that the dosages administered can be a problem. However, the truth remains that only limited data about the effects of CBD on kids is available.


Today, you do not need to look far to see the many health benefits of CBD. You will most likely have someone close to you or an online resource that highlights these benefits. The internet is full of viable testimonies on how CBD has helped in managing severe anxiety, insomnia, epilepsy, and some mental disorders. However, there are some concerns that we think parents should be aware of before administering CBD to their kids.

  • You cannot rely on a CBD product to consistently maintain the same amount of CBD. In some cases, the amount of CBD may be less than what is shown on the pack. In other cases, it may be more. This could lead to either under-dosing or overdosing.
  • There are very few reports that tell us the impact of CBD on the brains of kids. Hence, you may not be able to tell when you may need medical help.
  • A CBD product may have several contaminants that are harmful to the health and brain development of your kids. The best way to handle this is to only purchase CBD products that have third-party lab test results.

In conclusion, CBD may have many health benefits; however, it is better that you obtain medical advice before administering it to your kids.

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