Advice to Students on How to Improve Essay Writing Skills – Simple Habits Leading to Success

Advice to Students on How to Improve Essay Writing Skills – Simple Habits Leading to Success

Essay writing may seem simple at first glance, but all of those who have ever had a writing task that weighted points, knows, how many details you need to keep in mind in the process. Thesis statements, arguments, closing and opening phrases… Sounds familiar?

As detailed as it is, essay writing doesn’t always come easy.  That is why such inventive people like students search for help in different ways. Some prefer buying a relatively cheap essay, look for high-quality essays for affordable prices (like at Affordable Papers), or indulge in cheap plagiarism. However, none of this really improves writing skills or gives any mental development.

The question arises – what helps to become a better essay writer? The innate talent? Months of practice? Strong vocabulary?

In this small article, we are going to clarify some ways to lift yourself a step higher in writing academic compositions.

Tips to Get Better at Essay Writing

As we have already said, there is no magic way to get an immediate result. You should make some effort in order to reach the heights. No pain – no gain! But those of you reading this might be wondering – ‘what exactly should we do to write better ?’

Here we would like to give several habits concerning essays that will make you better at writing them.

Habit 1. Use the internationally accepted essay structure.

The right sentence order, placing proofs after theses, argument sequencing is crucial. Without the structure, your writing would be just a set of sentences, without the main idea that forms the whole essay. Paragraph division is something that should become subconscious. Never write one huge paragraph with millions of topics in it – unless you want the reader to get lost there. The most common essays include 5 paragraphs, the first dedicated to a simple introduction and the last to summing up.

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Habit 2. Do not overindulge in Passive Voice.

Passive constructions might be very much to-the-point in a term paper, dissertation, scientific research, but in essays, they sound less engaging than Active patterns. It can tell the audience much more and looks like a good story to read. Besides, the style requires Active Voice, unless it is a mysterious or detective essay you’re writing, which we seriously doubt.

Habit 3. Give up plagiarism.

Today the copyright rules. Every person that creates something with his or her intellectual abilities and strength, deserves to be acknowledged. If you steal the intellectual property by copying essays from somebody, you’re nothing but a thief. We wanna encourage you to be bigger than this! In the end, everyone has got the creative potential. The problem may be that not everyone has discovered it yet.

Habit 4. Use online help competently.

There is a huge difference in taking a friend’s essay without letting him know or placing his name under it, and legally using cheap essay writing services. Sending a message with the ‘Do my assignment for me, please’ text and uploading your task to a tried and true service implies no cheating. Life is full of situations when you urgently have to help a relative out of the trouble or simply work two jobs. So do not condemn yourself for being weak sometimes.

One of such services is It offers quite cheap essays for reasonable costs, with the high security level, clients’ trust and recommendations. Featuring day and night support, anonymity, unrestricted editing, and doing orders part by part, this website has the reputation to boast of. More than that, as you choose a writer to deal with your task, it is possible to read some of his/her samples, evaluate them and pick the best for yourself!

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The democracy in the company extends to overnight delivery and a 100% cash back guarantee. Besides, at the end you get the copies of the used references from this cheap essay writing service, to show that the essay was based on the real sources.

What about the Prices?

The website keeps to differentiating according to academic levels. School papers, for instance, you can buy for $ 9 per page, college essays – $11 per page, university research – $ 15 per page.

As you read these tips, we expect you to change some of your writing habits for the better, transforming the way you think, structure your texts, deal with writing websites and receive legal help from a cheap paper writing service. Combined with your desire and efforts, they are going to be great alleys in the fight for academic development.

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