In the Know: Government Grant Consultant (Canada)

In the Know: Government Grant Consultant (Canada)

When starting out as a small business, one might not be able to afford all the necessary expenses. Government grants are made to solve this problem as they are a sum of money one can take from the government for the sake of a company. But how to know what type of grant one is eligible for, and how much money to withdraw or return? Questions like these plagues those interested in starting a company or already running a company of their own. But they don’t have to. Government grant consultants exist to not only answer these questions but to improve the overall process of taking out a government grant.

What They Are:

Government grant consultants exist to make the process of taking out a grant from the government easier and much less of a hassle. This involves coming up with plans that are effective and likely to win the grant, as well as help with executing the plan. They also assist in determining which method of government funding is ideal for their client, which is something that many companies tend to struggle with on their own because the knowledge to find the right program is often inside knowledge and not commonly available. When companies seek to undertake a large and expensive venture, for instance extending their reach to other countries, that is also a place for the help of a government grant consultant. After all, expanding internationally is not cheap. Some government grant consultants are there for their business every step of the way. Others dip their toes into the matter, and yet still there are others who however in the in between. The more involved government grant consultant’s are of great help in constructing plans in order to ensure progress by actually developing the plan, and thus enabling the group they are helping to do more. A quality one would be able to help in planning so that the future is secure.

The Point in Having Them

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It is easy to wonder why a group would need or should want a grant from the government in the first place. Something that government grants do is revive projects that have lost momentum because of a lack of funding, meaning that more are given the chance to create something meaningful to better society. It is common for government grant consultants to advertise the fact that business tend to emerge stronger and more competitive after working with them. This is likely more than just hot air as part of a government grant consultant’s job is to make the process and decision of taking out a government grant as easy and efficient as possible. This is in order to save time that could be used for the expansion of a business. Also, an essential part of any company or business is the people that it hires. There is no company if there are no employees. Government grant consultants can also contribute to businesses by accessing government grants so that there is more time for businesses to hire and train staff. Companies that offer government grant consultations are generally staffed by experts in the field. These professionals are often experienced in multiple fields such as business strategy, finance and reporting.

The Different Types of Them

Government grants are available for many fields, including but not limited to, business expansion, research and development, human resources and training, marketing and website overhauls, and software implementation. There are also, in fact, different government grants to choose from which is why a business might need a government grant consultant to know which type they are in need of at the moment. Examples of them are as follow.

  • Hiring
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Those interested in applying for this type of government business grant should be aware that there are some certain characteristics sought for in employers. One is that the business in question has been around for at least 2 years. Another is that the start day of the position is flexible, the employee does not need excessive work experience, and that the company believes all staff members should be constantly learning in order to improve their skills for any present of future work.

  • Market Expansion

For the companies interested in expanding internationally, a government grant can definitely be of help. Examples of groups that can benefit from this type of government grant are food growers or processers, manufacturers of certain products, and magazine publishers.

  • Training

Companies who seek new employers to add to their work force would be able to use this sort of government grant. However, there are ideal characteristics for the employer in question to ensure their worthiness. These include traits such as the business having been registered for a year or more, the program having training budgets, and the staff being allowed to receive quality, extra training.

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