Why you should invest in a whole house humidifier

Why you should invest in a whole house humidifier

Every winter, homeowners do everything they can to keep their families warm. Without a humidifier, the air in your house becomes dry, and your family may suffer from dry, itchy skin and allergy symptoms. A whole-house humidifier from https://becalminghaven.com/best-whole-house-humidifier/can control your indoor humidity. You can set the humidity level at any level of your choosing, and you do not have to worry about turning the unit on and off. A whole-house humidifier is safe since you can install it into your HVAC unit and use clean water. The system will then distribute fresh, moist air through the ductwork. Here is why you should invest in a whole house humidifier.

1. Protect Furniture. If you expose wooden floors and furniture to dry air for an extended time, they can start to crack. If your home’s humidity levels become too low, the air sucks moisture from any place it can find. That means that the air will suck moisture from your furniture, wooden walls, and hardwood floors, making them crack or even split. A whole-house humidifier will maintain the recommended moisture level and protect your hardwood floors from cracking.

2. Prevent Static. If left unchecked, static electricity can start a fire. Static electricity can be produced by frizzy hair and even clothes that cling to other things. Dry air caused by low humidity tends to increase static electricity. As such, you need to stay on top of the moisture levels in your home to prevent static energy from building up. Although other tricks can eliminate static electricity from your home, a whole-humidifier is the sure way to ensure that it does not build up.

3. Cost-effective. Whole-house humidifiers are more cost-effective than individual humidifiers. Although individual humidifiers are a lot cheaper, they use more electricity. Whole-house humidifiers can be pricey, but they will save you a lot of money in the end. A whole-house humidifier will maintain consistent levels of humidity in your entire home while using less electricity. With this unit, you will not need to rely on your furnace to keep the house comfortable during winter.


4. Prevent Allergies and Bacteria. Dry air is bad for your health since it can worsen symptoms of conditions such as asthma and nose bleeds. Dry air can also cause dry skin and chapped lips. The right moisture levels in your home can help your body to block dirt, dust, and bacteria from entering your lungs. If you suffer from allergies, dry air can worsen your condition. Indoor allergens such as pet hair can spread quickly in dry air.

5. Healthy Air, Healthy Home. Dry air can irritate your skin, eyes, nose, mouth, and make it difficult to breathe. A whole-house humidifier can ensure that your nasal passage stays moisturized and ease your breathing. The unit can also reduce your risk of illness since bacteria and viruses cannot survive in moist air.

A whole-house humidifier comes with several benefits. Most important is that it can help you and your family to stay healthy.


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