Is a Maid Service Worth the Money?

Is a Maid Service Worth the Money?

Coming home to a clean house every day is a dream come true. But let us face reality. This is rarely the case. Especially if you have been working full time or are in school for long hours. All of a sudden hiring a cleaning service or maid services to clean the house does not seem like an outrageous or luxurious idea!

The dilemma of whether to spend some of your personal finances to hire a cleaning service or sacrifice some free time to clean your home has caused many sleepless nights. Here’s our view on things. Decide if it’s right for you. 

What is on the table?

The first question you might have to consider is what does a maid service offer? There are two types of cleaning services that are generally offered: general cleaning and deep cleaning. General cleaning is the cleaning that is done regularly and involves the cleaning of common surfaces or areas of the house. Deep cleaning on the other hand is the thorough cleaning of the entire house. Every surface and corner is given a complete scrub.

Most clients who initiate contact with maid services seek deep cleaning services. However, there are those who wish for general cleaning services either weekly or bi-weekly.

How much are maid services?

Our perusal of cleaning services and professional maid services suggest that you will cough up between $100 to $170 per cleaning. This, of course, is not a standard figure. To clean a house, the number of rooms and increase per square foot will increase the cost. It goes without saying that you will pay a higher charge for a larger home.

Benefits of hiring a maid service

  1. Less stress. If you are a person who likes to play host or hostess, you know that a clean house is a must-have. Maintaining an impeccable house week in week out could be quite a stressful task. It, therefore, becomes more obvious that a cleaning service would be the go-to solution. No more obsessing over every smudge and smear in the house.
  2. Opportunity Cost. Simply defined, opportunity cost refers to the benefits associated with choosing an option from many alternatives. For instance, if your rate per hour is $80 and it would roughly take 4 hours to properly clean the house, you are hypothetically spending $320 to clean your home. An alternative would be hiring a cleaning service at $170 with a bigger team who would do the job in fewer hours. From a financial perspective, it would make sense for you to hire the maid service. 


With the periodic service from a cleaning lady or house cleaner, you may not save money as you had envisaged. However, the benefits of hiring a cleaning lady or house cleaner outweigh the cons. If you are looking for the best Dallas maid service, make sure you’re hiring professionals. Be one of the ever-increasing clientele enjoying top-rated and quality cleaning services from dedicated and trained cleaning professionals. 

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