Is Linux Hosting Better Than Windows Hosting?

Is Linux Hosting Better Than Windows Hosting?

Choosing the right operating system suitable for your server is important and can be challenging unless you know which one is best recommended. While there are various hosting available, two are widely used and popular because of their compatibility, efficiency, and performance. Find whether Linux hosting is better than Windows hosting or not.

Windows and Linux hosting have been into a hot debate, which is better, and today, we’ll be clarifying everything, once and for all. Whether you’re a newcomer planning to set up your first-ever website or planning for an upgrade, these straightforward guides will help you weigh your options and decide for the best.  

Which Web Hosting is Better: Linux Or Windows?

Linux hosting and Windows hosting are two major operating systems you can use unto your servers. Linux is the most widely-known OS for most web servers. Unless your website requires a certain Windows application, then Linux is a top choice due to a wide array of features. 

Technically, Linux hosting regards as shared hosting. According to web hosting types, shared hosting is widely known and used service in this industry. Most websites use Linux hosting because of its flexibility and lower price. For this instance, you can check this list on Mangomatter about the top-rated and reliable Linux hosting provider in the industry. Regardless of what operating system you use, keep in mind that it will affect how your server interacts and behaves.

Shared hosting, also known as Linux hosting, is cheaper than Windows hosting as it’s web host provider is not required for any licensing payment if they use Linux as their OS. That is why shared hosting types are affordable. 

While the degree of proficiency of these two operating systems is similar, it’s about what type of technology you use on your site that affects your choice. 

  • Linux is highly compatible with MySQL and PHP; these scripts support Zen Cart, phpBB, and WordPress.
  • Windows hosting uses Windows as its server OS and specific system, including Microsoft Access, .NET, ASP, or MSSQL. 

Which One Is Recommended For Who?

These essential factors will help you decide whether Linux hosting is better against its top contender, Windows hosting.

Software Requirements

If you are unsure whether you’ll go for a Linux or Windows hosting, you can always ask your hosting developer for assistance. The compatibility of your operating system varies on the technology that you are using. Either you go for Windows (Microsoft SQL, .NET, ASP) or Linux (MySQL and PHP) hosting.

User Interface

It varies to your team’s technical skills, and various usability levels for user interface must be considered. The benefits and proficiency of this hosting vary on every individual convenience and know-how.

Windows Server enables you to connect through RDP (Remote Desktop) and utilize programs on the gateway as you do from your computer. While this software provides convenience on your end, it can be complicated on your site administrator who got used to the control panel.

On the other hand, being familiar with shared hosting like transferring data from low-efficient shared hosting to a dedicated server, is best done with a Linux hosting under a cPanel. 

Budget Requirements

While both operating systems offer excellent performance, you need to consider your budget plan, especially if you’re start-up biz with a strict budget. Windows license includes an extra fee compared to Linux that offers free of charge.

Accessibility To Another User

One essential slant that you have to consider is accessibility features. It’s essential to consider providing access to another user like a staff member, development team member(s), or clients. 

Mostly, Windows servers help you leverage the robust user management selection accessible through Group Policy and Active Directory. Centralized authentication is available to help you create user accounts easily in one place. At the same time, Group Policy offers user restrictions all over its Active Directory address or domain.

Linux servers, on the other hand, offer a powerful file verification mechanism that is designed for multiple users’ accessibility.


Whether you choose Linux over Windows hosting as your operating system, it’s a matter of preference and which offers total convenience on your end with the best compatibility suitable for the technology or system you will be using on your website. Understanding where Linux or Windows is most compatible can help you weigh your options and decide which is best for your business. Either you go for Linux hosting or Windows hosting, it should offer outstanding performance and improve your website’s efficiency.


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