Played by Thelma Lee

Ghojmok, or nursemaid, to your Worf, while his family was living on Khitomer at the time of the Khitomer massacre of 2346.

She was rescued along with Worf, by the crew of the U.S.S. Intrepid. Kahlest was taken to Starbase 24 for treatment, and she later returned to the Klingon Homeworld and took up residence in seclusion in the old city.

Captain Picard visited her there in 2366 when Worf’s family was facing dishonor because of falsified evidence that Worf’s father, Mogh, had betrayed the empire at Khitomer. Kahlest knew nothing of Mogh’s activities but the existence of an eyewitness to the events at Khitomer was enough to force High Council leader K’mpec to accept a compromise.

Kahlest had known K’mpec in their younger days, and K’mpec had been attracted to her, but according to Kahlest, “He was too fat.” (Sins of the Father [TNG])

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