Klingon Light Fighter

SUBJECT: Klingon Light Fights

Jackill’s Guide to Light Attack Craft

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The Klingon Fighter is used for tactical support of large ships such as cruisers and destroyers. The craft is a very fast, although slightly under-gunned, and is used as a fast attack craft. The crafts name “Ku’rist” is the Klingon name for destructive lightning.

The Klingon light fighter was designed with a low profile to reduce target cross-section. The main body is a long slinder multifaceted design. The cockpit, located on the top of the craft at about the midpoint, is designed to house only the pilot. The cockpit is entered through a small entrance located on top of the canopy. While the use of a single crew member saves a lot of space and weight, it has its drawbacks, one person must be both pilot, gunner and navigator.

The craft is propelled by a main propulsion unit located at the rear of the craft. Additional propulsion is provided by two mini-graf units located on either side of the craft. The Graf units are attached to the main body by two support pylons. In an attempt to lower the profile of the craft, the Graf propulsion units were rotated 90 degrees and tucked under the support pylons.

The wehicle has two sets of weapons, phasers and disruptors. The phasers are located at the front of the craft on the underside of the main body. The disruptors are located on the front of both Graf units and are forward firing weapons only.

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