Better Sleeping Position You Will Love to Know About It

Better Sleeping Position You Will Love to Know About It

Waking up with body aches has come to an end, according to science this is the best position to sleep

There is nothing better than going to bed and enjoying a good sleep. But it is annoying to get up every day with pains all over your body, maybe you do not know what is the cause of these annoying pains. It may be the position you adopt at bedtime. Sometimes you feel more comfortable in a way, but is that position in bed really comfortable? I will tell you which is the best position to sleep and which is the one that causes those uncomfortable pains.

The things that can cause you a bad position to sleep at bedtime

We all know the struggle of curling up in bed and rolling around until some strange limb arrangement satisfies your fussy body.

But if you’re dizzy and plagued with pain when you get up in the morning, perhaps your sleeping posture is not correct. Sleeping in the wrong position can cause back and neck pain, fatigue, sleep apnea, muscle cramps, circulation problems, headaches, heartburn, stomach problems, and even premature wrinkles.

According to sleep experts, sleeping on your stomach and on your back is the BEST POSITION TO SLEEP. Lying on your back is essentially a neutral position, good for relieving pain you may be experiencing during the day. Because their heads are higher than their chests, those who sleep on their backs are less likely to have heartburn worse. However, lying on your back can welcome snoring.

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Although, only about 8 percent of people sleep in this position naturally.

The other positions are prone to some unwanted side effects. Sleeping on your right side, for example, is known to trigger heartburn. The theory here is that a muscle in your oesophagus loosens in this position, making it easier for acids in your stomach to seep into your throat.

Whether on the right or left, sleeping on your side is the most common position, according to the National Sleep Foundation, it can also cause shoulder and hip pain. If you lie on your side sleeping, make sure you have a pillow that supports your neck that is thick enough to relieve pressure from your shoulders. Padding a pillow between your knees may also prevent lower back pain.

The worst sleeping position of all is sleeping on your stomach. For the 7 percent who choose this position, sleeping on your stomach puts pressure on your entire body and increases the likelihood of waking up with numbness and joint pain.

If you are going to do so, it is advisable to use a flatter pillow to reduce neck strain while keeping your head turned all night. Or if, for some wild reason, you feel the need to sleep on your stomach face down, put a pillow under your forehead.

You may need to take other steps to adopt the best sleeping position.

If you’re not achieving the four qualities that make up for a good night’s sleep, you can experiment with your sleeping position to see if that might solve it. Actually, you can train to be one of the sacred 8% of the best sleepers. It is recommended that you curl up in bed surrounded by pillows: put one or two on each side and one below the knees. This will help prevent you from changing your position without thinking at night. To an extreme extent, you can sew half a tennis ball on each side of your pajamas to avoid feeling comfortable on both sides, even when you are completely asleep.

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