Should Kratom be Banned?

Should Kratom be Banned?

Kratom is a popular herb used by a lot of people around the world. Planted not only because of the impacts it has on the environment, but also because of the several health-improving features it possesses. Originated from Southeast Asia, it is now seen as one of the most essential plants to humans. 

Due to the increasing popularity of Kratom today, there are many vendors you can easily purchase the herb from. You can buy Kratom online from Kratom One, as you get the chance to select from a wide variety of Kratom strains. Along with this, you get information on various Kratom packages. 

As a buyer of Kratom products, you might understand the unique benefits behind the herb. However, answering the question, “Should Kratom be banned?”, can be a tough thing to do. Several agencies across the globe seek the ban of the herb. In this article, we will analyze and review a few things to see if the herb deserves a ban. 

The Good Side of Kratom

As mentioned earlier, Kratom has a wide range of benefits up its sleeves which a lot of people don’t know about. Understanding the pros of using Kratom is crucial for those who are planning to use it and those who just began using it. Below, we will dive into a few factors that define the good side of Kratom. 


Sometimes, people prefer to go for herbal alternatives when dealing with certain medical conditions. Luckily, Kratom serves as a unique form of treatment for several diseases. Along with this, you can use the plant to relieve pain. 

Many believe Kratom acts on opioid receptors. This means it contains special compounds that act with pain receptors in the brain to block the transmission of pain which then causes pain relief to the human body. Through the pain-killing capabilities the plant possesses, a lot of people use it in treating chronic pain issues and diarrhea. 

Mood Enhancement 

Treatment of special diseases is not the only thing Kratom is used for as many discovered it comes with a large number of mood enhancement compounds. People experiencing panic attacks or any form of anxiety can use Kratom to handle them. 

If you are feeling down or having a hard time keeping yourself in a good mood, you can use Kratom to lighten up your day. The herb offers cognitive enhancement and uses its mood-boosting effects to do this. 


It isn’t every day you find a herb that works as a treatment for various illnesses, a mood-enhancer, and a stimulant. The Kratom plant provides a wide range of stimulating effects that effectively boost one’s energy throughout the day. Although it comes in different strains that ensure you get different dedicated effects, a little dose of the herb is enough to help you feel more energetic. 


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The Bad Side of Kratom

Just like most things in the world, Kratom has a few cons which can affect the lifestyle or overall health status of a person. Certain bad effects come with using Kratom. However, this only occurs if a person experiences some issues with its usage. Some of the issues that may lead to negative Kratom effects include: 


There are certain risks involved in taking Kratom and one of them includes an overdose. Unlike most other herbs, getting overdosed with Kratom hardly occurs. Due to the nature of Kratom, many people overdose in an attempt to get quick effects. 

To avoid such a scenario, you can stick to some precautions while taking Kratom. One of many precautions you can implement involves starting from the lowest dosage and giving your body time to react. If you feel nothing, you can add a little more Kratom until you begin to feel the effects. This is one of the most recommended ways to take Kratom. 


Addiction is yet another issue people can face while using Kratom. Of course, this is almost like other herbs out there that are essential to the human body. However, when it comes to Kratom addiction, there are several ways to handle and control it. 

Addiction is one of the issues organizations and agencies tend to use as a reason to ban Kratom. Belonging to the bad side of the herb, there are many ways to treat Kratom addiction including medication, therapy, and detoxification. 

One way to avoid addiction to the herb is through the use of accurate and reliable measuring techniques. Usually, Kratom comes in the form of capsules and powder. By making your research based on the most efficient form your body prefers, avoiding addiction shouldn’t be a problem. 

Medical Status 

The medical status of a person is something that needs a check-up before they attempt consuming the herb. Pregnant women, alcohol-dependent people, or anyone with some sort of medical condition may experience adverse effects of Kratom if they consume it. For this reason, they are often advised to avoid the herb. 

Sometimes, people without prior knowledge of their medical status can expose themselves to the negative effects of the herb. By checking your medical status and understanding you are safe to use the herb, you can easily avoid any sort of complication. 

Conceptions Behind Kratom’s Legal Use

There are several conceptions behind the legal use of Kratom. Most of the conceptions are tailored by drug enforcement agencies to the public in an attempt to ban Kratom from individual consumption. 

A popular agency for food and drugs raised complaints about Kratom containing a few compounds that can bind to opioid receptors in the brain, making kratom similar to traditional opioids. As a result, this raised concerns relating to kratom’s potential for abuse, addiction, and some health consequences. 

Along with these complaints, many other agencies give credit to the benefits Kratom provides to users. They also argue that Kratom has distinct differences from traditional opioids due to its inability to slow down breathing. 


Of course, Kratom is banned in a few countries. However, it is currently allowed to be used in several different countries. If you have been wondering if the herb needs a ban wherever you are, the above article should fill you in on a few factors that can help you have a clear understanding of that.

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