La Casino, Attractions and Places To Visit When Traveling To Bossier City

La Casino, Attractions and Places To Visit When Traveling To Bossier City

Known for its extravagant festivals, such as the Bayou Country Superfest, New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, Essence Music Festival, and Mardi gras, Louisiana is one of the most populous states in the US. Tourists from different parts of the world would visit Louisiana to enjoy all of these festivals. If you’re planning to do the same, extend your stay and visit Bossier City, too.

Bossier City is part of the north-western region of Louisiana that was traditionally known to be one the first cotton exporting river landing. Today, Bossier City is famous among locals and tourists all over the world because of the following attractions and places:

  1. Bossier City’s Farmers’ Market

Trying out local dishes is always a must when traveling. Aside from visiting local tourist attractions, travelers would want to immerse themselves in a new culture and get to know the locals better by trying out unique foods that are only available in the destination they’re traveling to.

If you share the same sentiment when traveling, eating local dishes at the Bossier City’s Farmers’ Market should be included in your itinerary. Happening every Saturday, from 9 AM to 1 PM, during the months of April to December, visiting the Farmers’ Market is one of the easiest ways for you to live and eat like a local.

The Bossier City’s Farmers’ Market is your one-stop-shop for different types of steaks, and other fresh produce, handmade goods, baked goods, plants, and ready-to-eat foods. 

You can also buy a wide variety of artisans from the locals when you visit the Farmers’ Market.

  1. Play At The Casino

Today, Bossier City is known to be a hub for casinos. Regardless of your budget and skill in playing casino games, it’ll be very easy for you to find an establishment around the city. You can find different types of casinos around the city, like the ones you can see when you click here, each of which has its unique amenities and games. 

If you plan on playing inside different casinos, make sure that you allocate time because it’ll be challenging for you to enjoy all of the casinos for just one day! 

  1. Learn More About The Marine Wildlife In The Shreveport Aquarium
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Traveling with the entire family can be fun and memorable, but on the other side of the coin, this activity can become challenging. Different members of the family will want to do different activities, making it hard for an adult to come up with an itinerary that everybody loves. Fortunately, you won’t have to go through the same challenge.

If your upcoming trip to Bossier City includes your kids and family, make sure that you head to the Shreveport Aquarium first. This is a very educational and interesting place for the entire family to know about the underwater world and all of the marine life living in it. Kids will surely enjoy this place because they can get up close with jellyfishes, rays, and sharks.

  1. Shop At The Louisiana Boardwalk

Aside from taking countless pictures, a lot of travelers would want to bring memorabilia from their trips to their homes. For them, these items will serve as their remembrance on the fun they had during their last trip and can also work as an icebreaker when they start to share their experience with other people.

If you want to do the same and bring home tangible items from your Bossier City trip, spend some time shopping at the Louisiana Boardwalk. This is where you’ll find some of the city’s top and most unique shopping and entertainment centers. You’ll be able to shop for international and local brands when you visit the Louisiana Boardwalk. 

If you’re on a shoestring budget, watch out for promos and other deals posted on their website before heading out to the area.

  1. Hike In Red River National Wildlife Refuge
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While some people consider rubbing elbows with other tourists as part of their experience, others don’t like the idea of visiting crowded tourist spots. The latter individuals would usually want to enjoy their trip in the most unique way possible, that is, by visiting spots that aren’t common to other tourists. If you want to do the same for your trip to Bossier City, you should definitely try hiking in the Red River National Wildlife Refuge.

This area is located in the bottomland of the city, wherein you’ll get to experience a populated myriad of wildlife and walk through cypress sloughs and scrub swamps. 

Ideally, you’ll have to walk through this area to bask in some of the most breath-taking views and unique wildlife. But, if you’re looking for an activity that’s not too extreme, you can pay for a guided canoe tour and explore the swamps with a local.

Spend Money Carefully

Aside from knowing what attractions and places to include in your itinerary, it’s also important to remain frugal when traveling to Bossier City. You’ll be able to make the most out of your trip if you know cheap or free destinations around the city.   

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