Litecoin: reality and future in gambling

Litecoin: reality and future in gambling

Some years ago, we did not know a lot about the most popular cryptocurrency for today – Bitcoin. Can you imagine there are more than 900 cryptocurrency types to the date? This young dynamic market expands super-fast and grows day by day. In this article, we will look over a promising cryptocurrency Litecoin (LTC) future in gambling industry as well as some litecoin gambling features, trying to understand its popularity genesis.

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Litecoin today 

The history of Litecoin goes back to October 2011 when it appeared as another modification of cryptocurrencies appeared after Bitcoin. The inventor of this cryptocurrency was a former Google employee who also was related to Bitcoin technology while working on the Coinbase.

LTC technology works similarly to Bitcoin’s technology despite one important difference which makes transactions way faster as it proceeds blocks every 2,5 minutes. Compared to BTC’s where the same process takes about 10 minutes the odds are big.

When it comes to the latest news, the big Litecoin outbreak was recently followed by its price fall. Speaking about factors that influence this it is possible that its taming period can be connected to arising questions regarding the network’s safety, which are ascended by miners from time to time. 

Anyway, Litecoin’s reality today is high market capitalization and leadership amongst other cryptocurrencies. The best places to buy Litecoin are, Bitbay, etoro, Kraken and others.

Gambling features of LTC online casino

Litecoin gambling growing popularity within online casinos is reasonable because of its well-balanced technology. This cryptocurrency has it all, and comparable to its closest neighbor Bitcoin it offers much more flexible terms, fast depositing/withdrawal process as well as complete decentralization. 

There are plenty of LTC casino games including live tables to get the fullest experience right from your home. You can find a wide range of table games like roulette, blackjack, video poker, and baccarat. As an example, at 7bitcasinogames there are many games played betting Litecoins. Amongst them are different types of video slots, developed by world-recognized gambling software providers. Be sure to find everything you like from classic three-reel games to modern slots full of features and different bonuses.

One of the biggest reasons explaining the popularity of Litecoin gambling is decentralization. It means that its technology is built on a peer-to-peer network, which proceeds actions without one centralized authority.

When it comes to such an important question as safety let us admit the fact the Litecoin gambling industry is young and partly controlled. So when you choose an online casino do pay attention to specific arguments you have to consider:

  1. Customer support – in a reliable online casino in case of misunderstanding or any questions you will get 24/7 support via live chat/email.
  2. Reputation/reviews – consider other gamblers’ experience and do not start playing the casino you see for the first time before you read the reviews.
  3. At least five years in the market – we suggest being attentive to such details as the casino’s age as it can say a lot about its reputation.
  4. Licensing – pay attention to casino’s licenses and documents.
  5. Bonuses – when it comes to cryptocurrencies casinos often suggest bonuses not only to new customers but for current clients as well. This fact may help you to choose the right casino for you.

Litecoin summer breakout. Is it time to invest? 

Now the Litecoin (LTC) position in the market after its summer breakout is strong and predictions for 2025-2030 are more than bright. Experts do believe LTC will not lose its positions within the next 4-5 years and its value will proceed permanently growing. 

What reasons had led Litecoin to the historical outbreak? Market researchers explain it’s unbelievable 600% growth as a compilation of several factors. First, Litecoin was in the TOP-3 leading cryptocurrencies already. At one moment, LTC was beating his “brother” Bitcoin that was an unbelievable situation. Moreover, the last factor which caused the price rise was the so-called halving of the LTC. Halving means a part of a programmed technology, which decreases the block reward when mining Litecoin. 

Talking about predictions and the future in gambling let us say that after the implementation of SegWit protocol the Litecoin positions were promising more than ever. That was golden times until Bitcoin introduced SegWit as well, and the biggest competitive advantage was lost for the LTC.

Litecoin advantages vs Bitcoin advantages

So, what are the main differences between Litecoin and his popular brother-in-law Bitcoin? First, the speed. LTS can proceed transactions four times faster than BTC because the blocks in the chain are processing every 2,5 minutes. It makes Litecoin much suitable for online gambling. The other big advantage of Litecoin is way higher supply limits. However, admiring the difficulties LTC is facing today, maybe the reputation of the “silver” edition of the cryptocurrency when “golden” is Bitcoin will stay with LTC for long in the future in gambling.

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