Played by Barbara March

A member of the politically powerful Duras family; the elder of Duras’ two sisters.

Following the death of Duras in 2367, Lursa and her sister B’Etor conspired with the Romulan operative Sela to overthrow the Gowron leadership of the Klingon High Council.

Their attempt to place Toral, the illegitimate son of Duras, as council leader split the council and plunged the Empire into a Klingon civil war until their complicity with the Romulan Star Empire was discovered. (Redemption, Parts I and II [TNG])

Lursa subsequently dropped out of sight for almost two years until she and her sister attempted to raise capital for their armies by selling bilitrium explosives to the Kohn-ma, a Bajoran terrorist organization, in 2369. (Past Prologue [DS9])

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