Make a Payment for Metro PCS or Metro by T-Mobile This Festive Season

Make a Payment for Metro PCS or Metro by T-Mobile This Festive Season

Earlier in 2013, the deal of T-Mobile officially taking over Metro PCS was finally signed. However, even after the deal, T-Mobile ran the MetroPCS subsidiary as a separate unit. Moreover, MetroPCS and T-Mobile were also using the same network along with a few same smartphones. However, when you want to make a payment for Metro PCS, it is easy and more affordable. The best part is that MetroPCS offers no-contact smartphones and more affordable mobile plans. On the other hand, T-mobiles offer more expensive prepaid plans as well as more advanced phones.

After T-Mobile took over MetroPCS in 2013, the latter also lost a part of its original identity after a name change in 2018. Presently, the Metro PCS is called “Metro by T-Mobile.” Moreover, if you plan to make a payment for Metro PCS, it is essential to know that a few of their plans have undergone a few changes. Moreover, they are offering newer features to attract more customers. So, here we are to talk about everything you must know about “Metro by T-Mobile.

Why did the name change from Metro PCS to Metro by T-Mobile?

As you already know, the T-Mobile company took over Metro PCS, and during the merger, T-Mobile already had over a 32million subscribers. After the amalgamation, the subscriber figure went up by almost 10 million more. These were the subscribers of Metro PCS. Within the next few years of the merger, T-Mobile switched over totally to its FSM network by shutting down Metro’s CDMA network. While the subscribers of T-Mobile have increased drastically, Metro PCS is more than double of what it was in 2013.

According to CEO John Legere, the main reason for changing the name was to attract more customers. It means that the company wants customers to understand that the revamped brand is such that it contains all the advanced features of T-Mobile. However, at the same time, the company wants customers to see that they are offering the features at comparatively lower prices, just like Metro PCS.

Now, of course, every good thing comes with at least one glitch, and in this case, it is an occasional drop-in data speed. Therefore, if you are a mymetromobile user, then it may happen that the data speed is slowing down due to load on the cell tower. However, this was not the case earlier when it was only T-Mobile’s GSM network. The fact that now the number of users is much more is a bigger problem.

Make a payment for Metro PCS this Black Friday.

The Metro by T-Mobile is the no-contract unit of T-Mobile, and the same was popularly called Metro PCS earlier. Irrespective of all that, the brand is offering some fantastic deals on phones as well as plans. So, if you want to save up a little extra cash during this holiday season, then visit the metro store website for more info or physically visit one today! These deals are mostly for Black Friday, but first, you have to check which stores offer them to ensure that you are heading to the right one.

Get a brand new iPhone SE for just $49.99

We are starting with the best and most exciting one, of course. Here is a grand opportunity of acquiring a brand new iPhone SE at just $49.99. Yes, you heard it right! The user favorite iPhone SE was already one of the most budget-friendly models with the A13 Bionic chip by Apple. However, now we are happier because it has become more affordable and costs even lesser than $50 only on Metro by T-Mobile.

To avail of the offer, you have to purchase the phone and port an active wireless number. As soon the activation is over, you get the massive rebate inside your pockets. However, this is an exclusive in-store offer. Therefore, you must find out where you get the nearest outlet. Apart from the iPhone SE, they are also offering a flat $200 discount on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12. The switching requirement remains the same as for the iPhone SE deal.

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Make a payment for Metro PCS and earn a device

If you were waiting to make a payment for Metro PCS, this would be the right time to do it. The bonus is that you also get to choose a free device when you decide to switch over to Metro by T-Mobile service. Availing of the offer is very simple because all you have to do is switch to a number that was never there on the T-Mobile network. As a result, you will get a rebate equal to your device’s cost from the carrier. The deal page is presently offering Samsung Galaxy A21 and LG Stylo 6 along with the temporary options of Moto G Stylus and iPhone 7.

While you get the device for free, you must pay for the line activation that costs $15. That is a pretty sweet deal because that is peanuts compared to the cost of an exemplary device. Now, Metro is making the deal better for you by offering an unlimited data plan for just $40 per month as soon as you switch to their network. However, the only condition is that you can avail of the offer from an in-store billing only.

Avail of unlimited data when you make a payment for Metro PCS

If you were upset upon hearing that all the Metro deals are in-store, then here is some comforting news for you. Usually, paying $40 will fetch you access to the 10 GB data plan. However, presently there is an offer that you can avail of online when you log in to the “my metro app.” Here, you can purchase an unlimited data plan at a discounted rate. Moreover, you get access to the 5G mobile network with this plan. Therefore, if you choose the A51 deal, it is a golden opportunity for you to get into the 5G league at a nominal cost.

Save more than half with connected phones.

Every carrier offers more whenever you add accessories, and Metro by T-Mobiles is no exception to the fact. When you get an additional feature, there is a scope for significant savings on a host of other devices such as smartwatches, tablets, and hotspots. For example, if you search for a free tab, then the Alcatel JoyTab is a good option.

Most of the accessory deals are focusing on safety now. For example, the Pintrac Pet Tracker, Timex FamilyConnect, MetroSmart Ride, and more are the best devices. Moreover, a hotspot device is excellent whenever you are traveling and have to work too. Of course, it is not possible to carry a broadband service everywhere. Therefore, purchasing a useful Hotspot device will act as a savior. Besides, the MetroSmart Hotspot is available only at $29.99 now. Plus, you can avail of 10 GB of data per month by paying just $35 extra.

Get a Samsung A51 at just $99

You already know that the Samsung A51 is the cheapest ways to be a part of the 5G revolution. Besides, Metro PCS by T-Mobile Black Friday sale is offering you the mobile at just $99. However, the only condition is that you will have to switch over to their network. Well, the Samsung A51 is not the best mid-range model that you will get in the present mobile market. However, you get a fantastic OLED display of 6.5 inches. Plus, the rear quad camera shooter is quite a good deal to own.

Moreover, like most other deals in this list, the A51 offer is also in-store exclusively. Initially, you will save only $200 or 50%. However, you will receive a digital gift card worth $100 when you pay bill for T-Mobiles in the third month.

Unlimited free mobile deals

There are several free goodies that you can choose from if you decide to switch over to the T-Mobile network service. Firstly, you get a free tablet and phone once you purchase an unlimited T-Mobile service for each. The total cost of the two complete services is $75. Plus, you get an Alcatel Joy Tablet and Samsung Galaxy A11 Plus free of cost. Additionally, you will get Google One and Amazon Prime activation for free.

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On the other hand, there is another fantastic offer when you choose an unlimited activation line. In this case, you get to choose between an Echo Dot and an Amazon Fire TV Stick for free. Again, you get access to Amazon Prime free of cost. Moreover, the pet in your family can also benefit from the Black Friday deals by T-Mobiles. Here, you get one Pintrac Pet tracker free of cost. However, it only if you are willing to spend $10 extra over your existing service cost. Therefore, you will get a GPS tracker to know your buddy whenever it goes for a stroll.

Grab the virtual MasterCard worth $200

This is one of the best offers if you feel lazy to head over to a Metro store physically. What you have to do is log in to the metro store website and check how to avail the $200 prepaid virtual MasterCard. It is not very difficult because you can avail it if you carry your device or buy a new one from the store. The only mandatory step here is to get a new service line activation. Now, as soon as you complete three months of using the T-Mobile plan, the digital MasterCard will be in your account.

Grab the bumper 50% discount on Timex Family Connect

Just like there is an offer on the pet tracker, here is a similar device. It can help you keep a check on your child’s movement. Yes, the Timex Family Connect comes with a very effective parental control. The same helps you to ensure that your kid is safe all the time. Right now, if you head to a Metro by T-Mobile store, it is possible to get it at just $79.99, which is half the original price of the device. Moreover, if you purchase it from the sale now there is extra benefit. It is because you will only have to pay $10 extra every month to avail the best service.

Now, what does the device offer other than effective parental control? So, you can make two-way calls for speed dial contacts. Plus, it comes with an SOS alert technology that your child can inform you in case of any problem. Finally, you get a real-time location sharing option, and you can also mark specific safe zones.

Make a payment for Metro PCS with some fantastic plans?

The honest fact is that the Metro PCS or Metro by T-Mobile is undoubtedly not the cheapest bet of all in the market. They are costlier than services like h2o, TPO, and Mint because none of these companies are as profitable as T-Mobiles. Once upon a time, the T-Mobile company was one of the least reliable services. However, it is no more the case. Moreover, the brand has come a long way by ensuring never to repeat the same mistakes. They prioritize the feedback of their customers are always becoming better. Especially when it comes to urban areas, Metro by T-Mobiles is now one of the best options.

On the other hand, very similar to Verizon and AT&T, you can save quite a deal if you opt for Metro services. If you avail of their 4-line plan, then it is at least $40 cheaper in comparison to the most bottom plans of Verizon and AT&T. Therefore, you can ensure a total savings of $480 annually. Moreover, if you make a comparison with the top tier plans of Verizon and AT&T, then you can easily save up to $1,000 annually by choosing Metro.

Here we have all the information you may want to have before heading out for some shopping during this festive season. There is so much for grabs, so hurry!

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