Men’s Health – Where To Get The Answers From?

Men’s Health – Where To Get The Answers From?

We as men tend to not think or care about our health as much as women. In fact, renowned studies such as the one conducted by the Global Burden Of Disease clearly shows a stark difference between the life expectancy of men over that of women. The studies show that in the past 40 years the average women live six years longer than their male counterparts and this gap is increasing all the time.

So what can explain this gender gap? After all, in many countries around the world men often have more privileges and multiple advantages over women. Yet, the gender disparity clearly shows that despite these advantages men are at a higher health risk than women.

So what can be attributed to this gender disparity? Well, according to scientists and medical professionals men are more prone to occupational hazards that demand physical and mental excretion and have greater exposure to chemicals than women. But that is only the beginning. 

Studies have also shown that men tend to take a lot more risks and are a lot more adventurous than women which can account for the greater number of male accidental deaths

Lastly, men are a lot less likely to visit the doctor or seek medical advice when feeling ill. Many research studies have tested the psychology of men when it comes to health and all of them found that men are a lot less likely to report symptoms of illness as compared to women. This is largely attributed to the male psyche which is to tough it out through pain or illness rather than seek professional health. 

However, such a psyche is dangerous, to say the least. Many serious illnesses can be treated effectively if caught early but since men are less inclined to visit a doctor unless they are in serious pain by the time they seek medical help it is often too late for medicines to be of any use. 

So why are men this way? And what measures can be taken to change this behavior? Well, the answer to the first question is that such behavior is innate in almost every male. Our general psyche, physique, and to a large extent ego doesn’t allow us to want to appear weak or ill in front of another. That is why most of us tend to avoid going to the doctor as much as possible.

Men are also a whole lot less likely to want to disclose personal or sensitive medical issues to a doctor. Matter such as erectile dysfunction, hair loss, premature ejaculation, and an addiction to smoking can all be sensitive issues to talk about and most men would never want to discuss this openly with their family doctor or any general physician.

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For a man to take care of his own health is extremely important not just for himself but also for his family and those he cares about. Our health is everything. And in many instances, it is up to us to make sure that we stay healthy and seek medical help for any concerns we may have regardless of how personal or sensitive those issues might be.

If privacy and confidentiality factors are stopping you from seeking the medical help you need they are platforms designed specifically for men’s health that offer one-off doctor consultations along with medication and treatments that can be delivered directly to your home. 


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