Norton 360 with LifeLock Complete Review 2020

Norton 360 with LifeLock Complete Review 2020

Identity theft has been a major problem for Internet users, and over the past several years it has become an even bigger problem. According to the Federal Trade Commission, the total cost of identity theft is now approaching $50 billion per year, and the average loss from a victim’s personal info that was stolen is about $4,800. That’s a staggering amount of loss, and it’s due to cybercriminals stealing a person’s identity. Read on to find Norton 360 with LifeLock complete review in 2020.

It’s not just personal information that’s stolen, like a name, address or credit card number. It’s also Social Security information, medical information and financial information. Once a criminal has this stolen identity information, they can run up credit card accounts, steal Social Security payments, get free medical care using the victim’s identity and so much more. It’s devastating to consumers who have fallen victim to these criminals, and it’s a growing problem. Anyone who uses the Internet is subject to identity theft if steps aren’t taken to prevent it.

Preventing Identity Theft

A lot of the problems with identity theft are due to data brokers and people search sites selling personal information and personal profiles to anyone with money.  That includes people search sites like Spokeo, BeenVerified and PeopleFinder, among others. The trick is to opt out of a variety of people search sites, but that can be time consuming and very costly if you pay someone to do it for you. A work-around is using OneRep, a company that automatically opts you out of 107 different people search sites when you subscribe to their service. There’s no hassle on your end, no learning curve and no problems.

But the real key to preventing identity theft is to have identity theft protection software on your computer. By subscribing to the software, you’re protected 24/7, and depending on the plan you choose, all of your devices and family members can be protected as well – including your children who surprisingly also pose a big risk.

One of the top identity theft software on the market is Norton 360 with LifeLock. To help consumers understand its benefits, OneRep has also published a comprehensive guide on Norton 360 with LifeLock discussing the many features the program offers and offers a complete 2020 review. It’s comprehensive and looks at all aspects of the software, pricing and more.

Norton 360 with LifeLock – A Closer Look

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First things first – let’s look at what the Norton 360 with LifeLock does for you. LifeLock monitors your credit for identity theft, scans the web for information that helps to identify you and alerts you to potential problems. Once an identity theft happens, LifeLock will assist you with correcting the problem and mitigating any loss. And that’s just for starters. In addition to proactive identity theft alerts and up to $1 million in remediation, LifeLock monitors suspicious activity with lenders, credit cards and Social Security. It also monitors the United States Postal Service for address change notifications and so much more.

Since it’s bundled with Norton 360 as an all-in-one protection, you also get device security protection that includes Norton computer security, Norton secure VPN and more. You also get a very comprehensive phishing and malicious URL protection, secure online backup storage, dark web monitoring, password management, webcam hacking prevention – even remote virus remediation and monthly credit monitoring – and the list goes on and on.

When you first set up LifeLock, expect to enter a lot of personal information and personal details. This includes your Social Security number, credit card numbers, banking details and a lot more. They ask for a lot of information but it’s necessary to get the comprehensive coverage that the software offers you. While it asks for a lot of information, if you have it all ready to go when you start, it won’t take more than 10 minutes to set up.

Unlike some other identity theft protection software, LifeLock provides you with a 60-day money back guarantee. Plus, with their top-tier plans they offer real-time alerts for any potential identity theft. And if your funds are in fact stolen, LifeLock will reimburse you – up to $1 million!  They also pay for personal expenses for lawyers and other experts. And during the first year, you get two products for the price of one – LifeLock for identity theft protection and computer security features from Norton.

If you want the ultimate in protection, the LifeLock Ultimate Plus and Norton 360 plan is the one to choose. With this plan, you get monthly credit monthly credit monitoring with Equifax along with an annual credit report. You’ll also receive identity and Social Security Number usage alerts, checking and savings account activity alerts, data breach notification plus alerts on any crimes that are committed in your name.

With this top-tier plan, you’ll get compensation that includes identity theft reimbursement up to $100,000 for stolen funds, $100,000 for expenses and $1 million for lawyers and experts. Norton 360 and LifeLock will also provide dark web monitoring and fictitious identity monitoring and stolen wallet protection. Here’s something else – live help. That includes U.S.-based identity restoration experts available to you 24/7, and live member support. You won’t find that with many other products.  In addition, Norton provides online privacy and device security features, antivirus protection, plus 250 GB of online storage.

There’s also a Privacy Monitoring tool that provides a display of how many times your address, contact information, job details, social profiles or court records appeared. They have an opt-out button that will take you to each website, but you can use OneRep to automatically remove your data from each site. And if you want to up your reimbursement to $3 million along with more protection for your devices and identity theft, you can opt fot eh Ultimate Plus bundle.

All in all, Norton 360 with LifeLock is one of the best products available on the market today. Whether you have simple needs and go for the basic plan or you go all-in with the Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus bundle, the features for identity theft protection are comprehensive and offer functionality you won’t find with other companies. The range of pricing starts at $15 for both Norton 360 with LifeLock all the way up to $35 per month or $350 per year for the Ultimate Plus bundle. It’s money well spent!





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