Jerry & Kathy Oltion

“We have both been fans of Star Trek since the original series–long before we knew each other. In college, where we met, we would skip classes to watch Trek re-runs together in our dorm’s TV room. After we got married we didn’t have a TV, but when Next Generation started airing, we went out and bought one just for that.“It has been great fun to write in the Star Trek universe. The characters are like old friends, and the Enterprise feels like home. We’ve focused on Classic Trek because it’s the most upbeat of the lot, and the most exciting. The Federation is still exploring its own back yard, still figuring out its place in the galactic pecking order, and there are surprises around every turn. It’s a kick to introduce a few of our own and share them with other Star Trek fans.”

Jerry & Kathy Oltion are the authors of New Earth: The Flaming Arrow (TOS #92), Mudd in Your Eye (TOS #81), Where Sea Meets Sky (The Captain’s Table #6), and Twilight’s End (TOS #77).

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