On Which Hand Should You Wear A Bracelet?

On Which Hand Should You Wear A Bracelet?

Jewellery has always been worn by people to symbolize their status in society and to show off their wealth. Today, people wear jewellery for different reasons. Bracelets are one of the most common jewellery items that can be worn by both men and women to enhance their style and pull their outfits together.

It is a great way to decorate a bare wrist and is a piece that is easy to wear whether it is a casual bracelet or a gold bracelet. The only question many people wonder about when it comes to bracelets is which hand is the best to wear it on. The answer is not as simple as you think since it really depends on your personal style, the type of bracelet and even the occasion at which the bracelet is being worn. Below, we list some useful tips to help you figure out what hand you should wear your bracelets on.

  1. Slender Bracelets: 

    These bracelets do not stand out as much as we would like them to, but they are still favoured among many. These are bracelets that can be used to complement another accessory, like a watch. Watches are often worn on the left hand, but there are some who prefer to wear them on the right. Slender bracelets are wonderful when worn alongside a watch, so wear it on your watch wrist. Men should generally stick to only one bracelet. However, women have the flexibility when it comes to bracelets,  to layer a few slender bracelets to complement your watch.

  2. Bold And Thick Bracelets: 

    These styles will not look so good alongside a watch and would clash, ruining the look. Wear these on the wrist that you are not wearing your watch so that it has a chance to stand out on its own.

  3. Bling Bracelets:

    These often include diamond bracelets and can be either slender or bold. When it comes to bling, the idea is often to be eye-catching so this type of bracelets will be perfect on your dominant hand. We tend to use our dominant hands for various purposes and with each gesture or task, your bracelet will get the chance to catch the light and sparkle beautifully throughout your day.

  4. Business Bracelets: 

    These may be in any style you choose and can vary from day to day according to your outfit. One thing is for certain though, these should be worn on the right hand if you want them to stand out. This is because at our workplaces, we have to indulge in a handshake or two, especially during meetings, and though a person may forget your name, they won’t soon forget the pretty bracelet you were sporting on that day.

As you can see, bracelets can be worn on either hand, but by using the above tips, you can make sure that they stand out every time you wear them, whether it is a men’s bracelet in gold or a woman’s bracelet with diamonds.


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