Online Plagiarism Checker Tools with Percentage!

Online Plagiarism Checker Tools with Percentage!

Well, guys if you are looking for the online plagiarism checkers having the percentage feature in them then you are in the right place because today we are going to tell you all about the best tools having this feature on the web! You guys can easily know about the percentage of original content in your article and can also know about the percentage of plagiarism in the content! Now you guys should know that there are many free and famous tools available on the web that promise attractive features, but you should know that not all of them are reliable and accurate and for this very reason we have gathered the information about the top best plagiarism checker tools!


So, guys the first plagiarism checker in our list is by the plagiarism! Now, this platform is one of the most reliable and simple tools that can be used for plagiarism checking! Now we will like you guys to understand the working of this plagiarism checker! When you open up this tool, you will see a simple interface having a white text box on the top of it! Now in this text box, you can easily enter the text by typing or can simply upload the document completely by clicking on the document icons in the text box! You guys should know about the different features of this free tool to check content for plagiarism.

  1. First of all, you should know that this is a free tool and you can easily check two 500 word articles as if you want too and it won’t cost you a single penny to do so! For more searches, you have to sign-up with this tool!
  2. This tool can accept multiple document formats which include the .txt, the .pdf, the .docx, the .odt, and the .rtf documents!
  3. You should know that you can easily exclude the URLs of the websites that you don’t want to check your content with, this is a very important and useful feature especially for bloggers who are writing on the same niche or for the people who simply maintain guest posts!
  4. You should know that this tool has the best plagiarism checking percentage feature which will help you know about the percentage of plagiarized content in an article and you should know that this feature is the best one when it comes to academic writing and maintaining the percentage of originality in them!
  5. Now we will also like you guys to know that this amazing tool will easily help you in through checking because it has the best and the vastest database that includes over billions of web pages that are also updated on a regular basis!
  6. This online plagiarism checker provides you with the best 24/7 support that helps you get in touch with the authorities if you have any issues!
  7. With the help of this tool, you can also check your content for grammar mistakes!

Small SEO Tools!

Now the online plagiarism checker tools by the small SEO tools are one of the best tools on the web, and this is because of its accuracy, its reliability and its special features that we are going to talk about today! First of all, know that the use of this tool is very simple and you just have to enter the text or upload the document in the toolbox and press CHECK FOR PLAGIARISM button! Even a person who has never used plagiarism tools can simply know how to check plagiarism once he opens up this tool!

Here we have gathered all the important points regarding the features of the tools, read about them till the end so that you can know about the importance of this tool and its use!

  1. The tool has a database that includes more than 30 billion web pages which are also updated regularly as it is a web-based plagiarism software!
  2. You guys should know that this is one of the only online plagiarism checker tools which not only lets you upload multiple document formats but can also understand different languages including Dutch, Spanish, Italian, French and many more!
  3. Now, this is a tool that checks plagiarism very thoroughly and provides you with accurate results, and it also issues a complete plagiarism report!
  4. You guys should know that the percentage feature of this tool is one of the most exciting features of it! When your content is checked, you should know that this tool will issue a complete plagiarism report which will authenticate the percentage of the originality of the article and will also tell you about the percentage of copied content! You will get line-wise results which will also tell you about the sources that are said to be matching with the plagiarized content!
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