Out-of-the Ordinary Interior Ideas with Newly Resurfaced Concrete

Out-of-the Ordinary Interior Ideas with Newly Resurfaced Concrete

As the new year began, you have been busy with revamping and turning your spaces around. Starting from the spacious floors to the tiniest accents you want to incorporate, the hassle of home improvement gets on your nerves. Getting help from the expert decorative concrete resurfacing Houston is a great relief to all your home improvement problems. 

You got yourself asking now, “how do I decorate my interior with newly resurfaced floors?” The final finish of your newly revamped space made you start thinking twice because of the plain grey surface. Relax! Browse today’s post to get tips and how-to’s with residential concrete. Designing your interiors will be a breeze!

How do I decorate my interior with newly resurfaced concrete?

Concrete is a well-loved flooring, especially among residential spaces. Every part of the home concrete floorings is there to welcome anyone. Kitchens, living rooms, dining areas, even the bathrooms, concrete gets cozy at your place.

Seeing the naked, cold grey are, you can juxtapose it by adding accents with matching colors and textures. Here’s how.

1- Select the Right Furniture Materials

Concrete works well with any material. It easily blends and bonds with other patterns and styles. What you instantly want to add to your floors is furniture. You want to fill the spaces right away. 

So what do you choose? Mix and match fabrics for the sofa, wooden chairs, and center tables with deep colored varnish for going traditional. 

Bare wood furniture also looks delicate when paired with concrete flooring. It sets a rustic mood. Then, for a refreshing welcome to a new year, what not pair your exposed concrete with white accents. Add white chairs or white lamps for a calm-inducing space at your home.

2- Go with the color of the year

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Play with the trending ideas today. Chrome and grey are surfacing everywhere, from the clothes people wear to the items they use every day. In some ways, they want to take part in this shared experience of identifying with feeling grey, illuminated by the brightness of yellow. 

Browse the online community today, and you will get Pinterest-inspired interiors that incorporate shades of chrome to their furniture, bedroom lamps, kitchen tools, and window curtains. You will not run out of ideas.

3- Stripped Version, Concrete Walls on Concrete Floors

Go all-in with concrete flooring. There is no such thing as concrete “overdo.” You can strip your whole place down to an exposed slab concept. Don’t you know that the unfinished look is perfect? 

Exposed walls and floors is an architect-approved concept. It’s cost-efficient, stripping down the expense for paints and decors. This allows interior designers to focus on using more natural-themed items, which also reduces using chemical-based tools like paint, vinyl, and others. 

4- Native Central and North American Decors

The natural appearance of the concrete is the keystone to setting up a native-American influenced interior. Aztec concrete architecture is not limited to designing outdoor spaces. Bring them in your homes and business areas, too. 

Get more creative when you accent your interior hallways and transition rooms with decorative stamped flooring. A seamless stamp can be paired with a stained concrete finish for adding an earthy layer of coloring on the surface. 

Concluding Words

“Go all-in with concrete flooring.” Yes, that’s right! Get your preferences and ideas revamped as well. It is time for you to look at things, not ordinary. There are ways to improve your spaces that breathe out simplicity, cost-efficiency but still exude beauty. 

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